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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Time Out

We had some time out grocery shopping today.  In case it really snows!  WV has been getting it!

Beautiful morning sky.  It was in the 40s today.

Enjoying a late lunch at Cagney's.  Not many people there.

Grocery list.

When we got home I noticed a woodpecker in a tree by the drive way.  So I went into the house and got my camera.

He was about 3 car widths away from me.  He kept his eye on me.

As I moved closer to him, he scurried around to the back of the tree.

A video of the woodpecker pecking in the tree and eating something he found there.

It was decent outside today.  The sun was still high in the sky when we got home.

Ilene going out to the mail box.

We started another puzzle tonight.

Lots of pieces still hooked together!  We left them that way!  We don't care to cheat in this manor!  :D

This is the puzzle we are working on.  1000 pieces for $0.49 from the same thrift as the winter scene we just finished.

Tomorrow Ilene and I both have eye appointments.  I'm going to go to the same doctor she goes to.  Because I am self-pay I was told I will receive a 25% discount.  I'll take it!

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, January 15, 2018

The King of the Jews

Reading in Mark 15 today.  Verse 26, "And the superscription of his accusation was written over (his head), THE KING OF THE JEWS."  Verse 39, “And when the centurion, which stood over against him, saw that he so cried out, and gave up the ghost, he said, Truly this man was the Son of God.”

The LORD spoke to my heart, "Vicky, if 'they' arrested you for being a Christian, and you were convicted and sentenced to death, what superscription would they give you for the world to see?  Are you living such a life that will bring me honor even in your death?  What will those who knew you say of you?  Will it bring honor and glory to my name?"

She loved her husband and was faithful to him.
She loved her children and would do anything for them.
She loved her grandchildren.....she loved her church family.....she loved..............

Those are things they could write about me.  But, could they say, "She loved Jesus and was faithful to Him and would do anything for Him.  She served Him well!"  I have to ask myself these questions, "Am I serving my Savior well?"  I hope that I am, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.  "Do I love Him with my WHOLE heart?"  I hope that I do, but I'm pretty sure that I don't.  "Would I do ANYTHING for Him?"  "Would I go ANYWHERE for Him?"  I hope that I would.  But I don't know.  Furthermore, I don't know that I want to be tested to find out!  Maybe that confession gives me the answer, but I don't know.

I like to think that when persecution comes I will stand firm in my Christianity.  I want to.  I really do!  I pray that my premeditation will help me to stand.  And having done all to stand!

Lord, I really, REALLY do want my life to count for you.  I know that I fail you every day in one way or another.  Make me aware of the failures, Lord, so that I can allow you to right the wrongs in my private life before they bring shame upon your name in my public life.  I want to finish well, Lord, but I can only do it with your help!

Today was a slow day.  I didn't even realize it was MLK day until I heard Ilene asking someone about being off today.  I wish I had know, then I could have made plans to spend some time with the grandkids who were off school today.  Oh well, maybe next time!

We had our breakfast, did our devotion and read our Bibles.  We finally got dressed around 11:00, maybe.  Then our dear friend, Carolyn, came over to visit with us today.  She lives about 5 minutes from Ilene.  She packed her lunch and brought it with her.  We would gladly have served her lunch, but she is dieting and had cottage cheese and a few saltine crackers.  Ilene and I ate a nice salad with chicken on it.  We also ate and shared a few captain's wafers with cream cheese and green onion spread on them.

Carolyn helped us with a puzzle today.  Ilene's daughter stopped by on the way home from work and helped some, too!  But they had to leave around 4, so that left Ilene and I to finish the puzzle.  And we were determined to finish the puzzle today!

This is one of the 1000 piece puzzles I got at the thrift store for $0.49.  I normally will not buy a puzzle if it is not new.  And this one clearly was not a new puzzle.  But for the price I decided to take a chance!  We started working on it yesterday afternoon between church services.  There were several pieces we were "missing" during the time of putting the puzzle together that we just could not see among the pieces, including one border piece.  BUT, as we got more and more pieces into the puzzle, we began finding some of the ones we thought were missing!   And, voila!  By the time we were nearly done, we knew all of the pieces were going to be there!  This was a hard puzzle, but it was fun, too!  And it is a beautiful picture!  LOVE the cabin!  The snowman is fishing in the pond with a candy cane hook.  There are 4 birds in the picture:  a cardinal, gold finch, chickadee and a blue jay.  There is a moose between the trees up by the cabin.  There is a deer on the right of the lighted tree on the right.  And a goose in the water.  That was a puzzle worth a LOT more than I paid for it!  I'm glad!  That gives me encouragement that all of the others I bought for the same price will be whole!

Tonight after our supper, we finished the puzzle and then decided to watch a couple of movies off of a DVD that I brought over from the parsonage.  Ilene has gone to bed now and I am headed there as soon as I finish this!

And, that was it for our Monday!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Precious in His Sight

This is a special picture that Elisabeth shared with me last week.  Abby, in the first grade, and Isabelle, in Kindergarten, were chosen by their classmates as female representatives for Homecoming based on Godly character.  They will walk out during the homecoming basketball game at Rockwell Christian on January 23rd.  Everyone had to wear their dress and have it approved by the principal for modesty.  How cute they are!!  Precious in His Sight!

I used Kimeric's "A Fresh Start" digital kit found here.

We had a great day in church today.  Good preaching, good fellowship.  There sure weren't many in attendance due to sickness.  There were 10 of us.  Only 8 of us tonight.  Lord, I pray You would heal the sickness of all those who are out sick.  Thank You for keeping Ilene and I from being sick!  And I pray You will continue to do so.

We sang a song today that I haven't sang in quite awhile.  Just As I Am.  What a great message just in the title.  The lyrics go like this:

1.  Just as I am, without one plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bid’st me come to Thee,
O Lamb of God, I come! I come!

We have no plea of innocence before God.  We are all guilty.  We are born in sin, thanks to the sin of Adam and Eve.  The only plea we have is "guilty!"  But, thank God for sending His only begotten Son to shed His blood for me.  Did He die for you?  Is He calling you to come to Him?  Come quickly!  Come before it is eternally too late!

2.  Just as I am, and waiting not
To rid my soul of one dark blot;
To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come!

His death cleanses us from all sin.  Past, present and future!  I am so thankful for that!

3. Just as I am, though tossed about
With many a conflict, many a doubt;
Fightings within, and fears without,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come!

Doubt.  A favorite tool of the devil.  He used it first in the garden of Eden.  Forget the doubt.  Repent of those sins you have committed against a holy God.  Trust Him as your Savior!  He will take the doubt and fear away.

4. Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind;
Sight, riches, healing of the mind;
Yes, all I need, in Thee to find,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come!

No one is saved until they realize they are poor, wretched, and blind sinners before a holy, righteous God.  God can give you sight, riches and healing of the mind.  He makes those who trust in Him into new creatures.  Old things are gone and everything is new!

5. Just as I am, Thou wilt receive,
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;
Because Thy promise I believe,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come!

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.  You will be welcomed into the family of God.  You will be pardoned from your sin.  You will be cleansed entirely!  Clean enough to go to heaven.  There's your relief!

Bobby mentioned how some pastors have used this song as an invitation to come to Christ at the end of a service.  He knew of one pastor who must have continued the song over and over and over again, waiting for someone to walk the aisle and accept Jesus as Savior.  Finally a girl came forward.  Forgetting his microphone was still on, he leaned over and asked why she was coming.  She said she felt sorry for him that no one was coming forward.  I agree with Bobby, served him right!  If God is drawing a sinner to himself, the one being drawn will come without delay!  Won't you come to Him today?

All have sinned.  Romans 3:23
The wages of sin is death.  But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Romans 6:23
God demonstrated His love for us.  While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  Romans 5:8
If you will confess with your mouth faith in the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved.  For with the heart man believes and becomes righteous and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.  Romans 10:9, 10

Steel cut oats with craisins added

Chicken salad

Getting the puzzle ready to work.  1000 pieces.  We put the edge pieces on half of the table and the rest of the pieces on the other half.

It is hard to tell what it is at this point.  It is a winter scene.  Stay tuned!  :D

Have a great week!

Friday, January 12, 2018

A Toast to Good Health!

Oh, man!  Ilene and I took our first dose of the mother apple cider vinegar this morning, in hopes of helping her with her cholesterol.  WOW!  I like vinegar, but that about knocked my socks off!  And I burped it for about 4 hours!  But, here's to good health!

It has rained all day today!  It's a good thing it has stopped because we discovered a leak in the bathroom above the sink!  It was running in pretty good, too!  So, Ilene called her roofer.  He will be out to check it tomorrow.
I love the bird house hanging from the clothes line pole.

Clouds filled with rain

Today I fixed a new soup recipe.  It was DELICIOUS!  Here's the recipe and some pictures:

Chicken Alfredo Tortellini Soup
2 T. unsalted butter
1/2 medium yellow onion, diced
4 oz. baby carrots, halved lengthwise and sliced into half-moons
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-size cubes
1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
4 cups reduced-sodium chicken stock
1 cup half and half
1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
9 oz. cheese tortellini, fresh or frozen
2 cups freshly shredded parmesan cheese
2 oz. fresh baby spinach
I cut up everything and gathered the ingredients first

1.  Warm a large pot over medium-high heat.  Once you can feel the heat when you hold your hand 6 inches above the pot, add the butter and let it melt.  Add the onion and carrots.  Cook the vegetables until the onions are translucent, about 3 minutes.  Add the garlic and cook for 30 seconds.
Onions and carrots

Then add the chicken, salt and pepper.  Stir to combiine.  Cook for 3 minutes, just to get a little color on the chicken, stirring occasionally.  Don't worry about the chicken being cooked through, because we are going to continue cooking it.
Chicken added

2.  Sprinkle the flour over the chicken and veggies.  Stir to coat everything and continue cooking for 2 to 3 minutes to cook out the floury taste.
Add flour

Stir in the chicken stock, half and half, and the red pepper flakes.
Chicken stock, half and half, and red pepper flakes added.

Continue cooking until the soup thickens, 5 to 10 minutes.
Thickened soup

Add the tortellini to the pot and cook until al dente (has a bite to it), 5 to 7 minutes (frozen tortellini may take a little longer).
I set the tortellini out to thaw while I prepped everything, so by the time I was ready to add it, it was pretty much thawed.

Remove the pot from the heat.  Sprinkle a handful of cheese over the soup and stir.  Once it has melted into the soup, add another handful.
Add the cheese a handful at a time

Slowly melting the cheese will give the soup a smooth consistency.  Taste for seasoning and add salt and pepper as necessary.
After cheese has melted.

Pour into bowls and garnish with the spinach (which we forgot to do).
YUMMY!  We all had a second bowl!  (We invited Carolyn).
 NOTE:  To reheat cream or cheese soup, warm it in a pot on the stove top over low heat, stirring frequently.  Add milk to loosen the soup.  Cheese or milk-based soups need to be warmed slowly to prevent them from separating or having a grainy texture.

We got this recipe out of The Winston Salem Journal on page D3 on January 3, 2018.

Ilene and I started this puzzle last night and finished it tonight.  It is beautiful!  The trellis was the last  thing added. Seemed like a lot more than 500 pieces!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

No News is Good News

Ilene and I were invited out to supper tonight by our good friend, Carolyn. She needed to pick up a prescription and we went next door to pick up subway sandwiches to eat. We took them back to her house and ate. Then we watched Amazing Grace about William Wilberforce working to abolish slavery. It was really good! John Newton, who wrote the hymn, Amazing Grace, was Wilberforce's pastor as a child. John Newton used to run slave ships before being saved. Amazing story! Amazing Grace! So thankful for God's amazing grace!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Take a Hike!

The cholesterol medicine the hospital put Ilene on after her stroke is not doing the trick.  Her cholesterol measured 220 after the stroke.  When she had her blood work done earlier in the week, it measured at 238!  And to think she has been so careful about eating LOW cholesterol foods!  So, the doctor has added a low-dose statin to take along with the current cholesterol medicine.  Statins cause her to have severe leg cramps, so we are praying the low-dose and the fact that she takes it every other day will not cause her to have leg cramps.  She went off of her cholesterol medicine that was prescribed for that very reason.  Lord, please keep the cramps away and the cholesterol to lower!

Today we began walking, which, hopefully, will help with the cholesterol levels!  We walked on a road that runs parallel to her property.  A wonderful road with country scenes and very little traffic!

Not sure if we got rain or not, but the road sure looked like it.  You can see a definite line where it looks like it stopped raining!

Other scenery from our walk.  It will be a beautiful walk in the spring!

It's hard to see, but that speck near the middle is a plane.  I was surprise my phone even captured it.

I did this layout for a challenge at The Digi Chick.  I used a kit by Kimeric, A Fresh Start.

Nothing much went on today.  We did go out to pick up Ilene's new prescription and got a few grocery items.  Then went to church and back.  And that was our day!

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Praising The Lord!

I want to thank you for your prayers on my behalf concerning the CT scan that was done on my leg last week.  The Lord, in His merciful kindness, answered our prayers!  The cause of the pain in the upper part of my left leg, right at the hip joint, is calcium deposits in a tendon, "usually from repeated tendonitis or inflammation.  Treatment is heat, anti-inflammatories, such as Aleve."  If it continues to bother me, they can set me up for some physical therapy.  I am waiting on her response to my question about whether beginning a walking exercise program would help or hurt.

Back in 2002 when Tim and I lived in Buffalo, WV, we went on the Weight Watchers points diet and began an exercise regimen of speed walking every day.  We were walking 4 miles in one hour, 5 - 6 days a week.  (We each lost 40 pounds!)  My pain in that leg began that year.  I just figured I had done too much.  Well, I have had to take two tylenol pms every night since that time because of the soreness.  It wasn't until that leg swelled while we were in Florida that I decided I had better get it checked.  I'm so thankful for the outcome, that it is not worse!  My daughter said, "Tendonitis never sounded so good!"  I have to agree!  And, needless to say, if I begin a walking program, I will NOT be going at the rate of 4 mph!  :D

Ps 117:1 ¶ O praise the LORD, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people.
Ps 117:2 For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD.

Ps 119:75 ¶ I know, O LORD, that thy judgments are right, and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me.
Ps 119:76 ¶ Let, I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant.
Ps 119:77 Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I may live: for thy law is my delight.

Following Via Email

While I am thinking of it, those of you who are new or fairly new to reading my blog (THANK YOU!), I wanted you to know that you can sign up to receive my blog posts via email.  The box to do that is in the right hand column near the top, under the blog header.  You will have to scroll to the top to see it from where you are reading right now.  When you submit (type your email address and hit the "subscribe" button) your email address, you will get an email asking you to confirm you want to receive via email.  THANK YOU!

Widow's Meeting at Damascus Baptist Church

Five of us met at Hillcrest this morning to leave the church at 9:30 to make the one-hour trip to Statesville for the meeting.  What a wonderful time of fellowship we had!  It is such a blessing!  Linda's devotions are always just right!  The food is excellent!  We are pampered!  Thank you, Dale, Juanita, Kelly and Robin!

Linda began a series on heaven today.  I took a video so I could share it with Mrs. Parks who has been under the weather and couldn't go to the meeting today.  I would share it here, but the file is over 1GB in size.  Plus, I have to remember that when I record a video from my phone (Tim's phone), I need to turn it sideways.
One of our ladies from church, Lois, and the beautiful flower arrangement on our table.  Isn't it just beautiful?!

The Three Musketeers.  Don't know what I would do without these two wonderful women in my life!
Thank You, LORD, for their friendship!

And this sweet, 93 year old from our church, Vera Mae.  She reminds me of Polly Pocket!  You just want to put her in your pocket and take her wherever you go!

I think there were about 17 widows at the meeting today, besides the four that gave of their time to serve the food and do the kitchen work.  How special these volunteers are to us!  Thank you all!
 With the theme being about heaven, this song was sung with great feeling after the devotion.  Click on the title if you want to listen on YouTube.

Wayfaring Stranger

1. I’m just a poor wayfaring stranger,
I’m trav’ling through this world below;
There is no sickness, toil, nor danger,
In that bright world to which I go.
I’m going there to see my father,
I’m going there no more to roam;
I’m just a going over Jordan,
I’m just a going over home.

2. I know dark clouds will gather o’er me,
I know my pathway’s rough and steep;
But golden fields lie out before me,
Where weary eyes no more shall weep.
I’m going there to see my mother,
She said she’d meet me when I come;
I’m just a going over Jordan,
I’m just a going over home.

3. I want to sing salvations story,
In concert with the blood-washed band;
I want to wear a crown of glory,
When I get home to that good land.
I’m going there to see my brothers,
They passed before me one by one;
I’m just a going over Jordan,
I’m just a going over home.

4. I’ll soon be free from every trial,
This form will rest beneath the sod;
I’ll drop the cross of self-denial,
And enter in my home with God.
I’m going there to see my Saviour,
Who shed for me His precious blood;
I’m just a going over Jordan,
I’m just a going over home.

We Christians are pilgrims and strangers while here on earth.  But one day soon, we will ALL go over Jordan to our heavenly home!  I pray you are ready!

From the great faith chapter in the Bible:
Hebrews 11:13 These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.

After taking Lois and Vera Mae home, we got back around 3:00.  Carolyn went home.  Ilene returned some phone calls.  I needed to go to the Christian bookstore and Ilene wanted to go, too.  So, we left sometime after 4:00.  We were hungry and decided to stop and eat on the way to the bookstore.  We decided the soup and salad at Olive Garden sounded good!  And, it is good for us health-wise, too!

The black birds were flying in to roost in the trees when we left the restaurant.  We decided we probably should not be looking up with them flying overhead, because.......

.....I'm sure they are what is decorating the parking lot!  EWWW!!

I forgot to share this picture last night.  Ilene has one of those Christmas light things shining in one of her trees in the front yard.  It is really pretty and looks like strings of tiny lights are all over the tree.

Here's how far I have gotten with the poncho I'm working on.  I've just tied the second skein in.  That means I am about 1/5th of the way done.  To the work, to the work........
Well, that was our day!  Hope yours was blessed!  Have a great Wednesday!