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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Teach an Old Dog Continued...............

There were guesses of hawk, swallow, martin, mocking bird, .........and as I knew she would, Tim's mom made 3 guesses.  The first guess was a..............................TADA!!!  a Chimney Swift!  She wins the grand prize!

I don't think I had ever heard of a Chimney Swift before this incident!  Here is one blog link that talks a little bit about them.  They are a little strange looking, up close and personal!  The nest is amazing!  Not very much of a nest, actually!  And if a mother usually lays 3-6 eggs, how do they keep from rolling out?  Not to mention that they must be very small in size!  I've still got some more reading to do!

Here's a better picture of what they looked like as we saw them flittering around.

This is why I thought they were bats.  Totally black from what I could see.  And, I guess there actually are black ones.  And there are white ones.

Anyway, glad I got everyone to thinking!  Even some of you searched the internet to find them!  Were you correct in your search results?

See!  You really can teach an old dog!  :D