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Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Thirty two years ago today, Tim and I became parents.  Nothing has been the same since.  The object of our new, unconditional love, was Jessica Ann.  She came into our world in a BIG way!  Weighing in at 10 lbs. 7 1/2 oz. it was love at first sight!  I remember dad stopping by to see me and his first grandchild on his way home from work.  He cried at the joy and the miracle of it all.  I didn't know how he felt until Jessica gave us our first grandchild.  I cried, too!  And, I cry now just remembering.  The pictures have the journaling below, except the comparisons between Jessica and Thad.

 I remember Tim being surprised that Jessica had her eyes open "already" like she was a puppy and shouldn't!  She is 2 days old.
 3 days old and a little more alert for her first "professional" photo shoot.
 The night before bringing her home, we had a big snow then ice on top of it!  We could not get up the driveway, so I had to walk this mess when we got home!  Tim carried Jessica and Tim's dad walked me up the hill.
4 days old...what a great sleeper she was/is!  :D
 Look at this handsome, young man holding his baby daughter!

 Here is one proud grandpa!  She was 5 weeks old and dad stopped by after he got off of work at the airport.
  This picture looks like Thad to me.....what do you think?  Thad is below.  Jessica was 6 weeks old.
Here's another one of Jessica that reminds me of Thad somewhat.  Taken March 30, 1980

We didn't get many pictures of mom.  And when you got them, she usually was not looking directly at the camera!  This was taken March 23, 1980.

And, 32 years later, Jessica is busy with raising her boys and husband (I meant to say it that way, LOL!  Love ya, Terry!  :P )   Mom and dad would be proud as dad and I are and I/we love you very much, precious baby girl!  Wish they could've gotten to know all of their great grandchildren!  I know they loved all of their grandchildren very much!  This picture below was taken 12/28/2011.

Until tomorrow.....


Elisabeth said...

Awww! Love the pictures. And, yes, Thad looks so much like Jess! We both finally got one that looks like us, Third one's a charm! =)

jessicaday said...

You guys are so funny - I thought Jessica looked like Thad, but you both disagreed! Anyway, they're both beautiful and I'm so glad Jessica is in our lives - she is one special woman!

Vicky said...

Must've been one of our disagreeable moments! :D