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Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 30 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

I did finish the book I was reading, Papa's Wife.  Tonight I will begin reading, The Devil in Pew 7.

Today's activities included changing out the church sign, putting dishes away, regular e-mail stuff, finally plugging in the 2TB EHD that I got for my birthday and transferring all of my pictures and miscellaneous files to it, working on a top and hat for Abigail, fixing pulled pork BBQ, baked beans and seasoned potato wedges for supper and running to the store to get more lace for Abigail's outfit, second trip of the day, LOL!  Now, I'm ready to close down the computer and do some reading.

Here's a picture of what is done so far on Abigail's top and hat.  The reason I had to make another run for lace was because when I read the length of 3 feet on the first roll, I was thinking 3 yards!  So, needless to say I ran out of lace very quickly!  This is a summer top that is open in the back with 2 straps that button to hold the back together.  I'm fixing it slightly longer than the pattern calls for so she can wear it with some leggings.  I don't know if the hat will fit her or not since the Days and Brandenburgs all have big heads!  I plan to make a headband out of the material, too!  I was hoping to have enough material to make some little bloomers to go over her diapers, instead of wearing leggings, but I didn't have enough material!  Might have to crochet something instead!  It is kinda hard to see against the ironing board cover.  The material has little white hearts as the pattern.

My clutter item for today is this purse.  I used it for awhile to carry my camera in, but there's just not enough room by the time I add keys, wallet, etc.  So, back to the thrift it goes, from whence it came!  :D

Until tomorrow.................


Elisabeth said...

I didn't know you were making abigail an outfit! Don't make crocheted bottoms, black leggings will be cute with it.

jessicaday said...

That outfit is so cute!!
And 2TB? W-O-W! If anyone can use all of that up, you can! ;-)

Vicky said...

Liz, it was a whim! I've been buying patterns as I run across them at the thrift store. I have to be very selective when I start sewing due to some of the bits and pieces of material I have. Mostly I don't have enough material to make a complete outfit. That's why there will be no bloomers with this one.