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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

The first week of the year will be over after today.  The weather is absolutely beautiful!  It is to be 65, the sun is shining and the sky is beautiful!

I told you yesterday that I was taking on a new 365 project this year of Decluttering.  Here is the blog you can visit if you are interested:  365 Less Things.  I have a designing friend, who has since retired from designing so that she can work in a ministry with her son's family.  I read her blog and she is the one that I got the 365 Less Things blog link from.  Take a look at her blog sometime.  It is Living Real.

So, for my first day of decluttering, I was in the kitchen fixing dinner to put in the oven when I "discovered" my first project.  Here is the layout I did.  I'll post the pictures below that and give you a run-down of the items in the piles.

Credits:  Bits and pieces from "A Fresh Start" kit, sampler and add-on

1st picture:  glass snowman cake plate and serving knife and a biscuit basket underneath
middle picture:  3 metal picnic "tents" to keep the flies off your food, 1 pizza "stone" and various metal serving trays
3rd picture:  punch bowl, cake plate, cookie plate, big Christmas serving tray.....all of these items are glass as you can see

So, if you have any interest in any of these (I'll save them for family til I see you next.......otherwise you will have to pay for the shipping) let me know and I'll save them from Goodwill for you!

One last picture to share with you.  This is how Tim likes to eat his pumpkin pie.....a little bit of pie with a WHOLE LOT of whipped cream!  :D

Today is laundry day, so I'm thinking my clutter will come from that room for today's decluttering!  Until tomorrow.......


Elisabeth said...

I want the food tents. They will be perfect for camping and you will be grateful you had them when we do our family.camping trip this year! :) Also, are you sure there is pie under that whip cream?!

"Gram" said...

I got rid of a bunch of my non-use kitchen items, too. I don't have a very large kitchen so storage is minimal. We use part of the laundry room as our panty and storage space for oversized kitchen items. I cleaned that out a couple of months ago because they were taking over and making an obstacle course to the garage door.

Tell Tim that the next time we're together he can share a slice of pie (no need for the whole pie!) with The Bear who eats his exactly like Tim does! Each will need to provide their own tub/can of whipped cream. :) The rest of us can eat the other pieces with normal sized servings of cream. Lol!