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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 31 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

First of all, let me correct something from yesterday's post that my sister brought to my attention.  Mom would be 78 after her birthday yesterday, NOT 82!  I told Kim I thought 82 sounded older than I thought she was and told her I needed to work on my math skills by using the calculator from now on!  :D  Kim also told me if mom were alive and I wished her a happy 82nd birthday when she was actually only 78 she would've given me one of her famous (to us kids) aggravated LOOKS!  I can see the look now!  :D  Sometimes the "look" meant, "I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it!"  At other times the "look" meant, "I'll slap you into tomorrow if you don't straighten up!"  Sometimes the only "look" you saw was the back side of her hand as it landed on our mouth!  OUCH!  Mom was not a big woman, standing in at 5'4" but she could handle herself quite well!  We knew not to cross her!  I can remember one punishment like it happened yesterday.  I don't even know what I had done.  All I remember is being outside in the yard when we lived in a farm house in Union, KY out near Big Bone Baptist Church.  I was running in circles around mom as she had hold of one of my arms with one hand and was whipping my bottom with a switch that was in her other hand.  My dog, Snowball, growled and barked at mom the whole time!

Anyway, I know it is probably hard for some of you to believe that I would EVER deserve such severe punishment, being the angel that you know me to be!  :D  And my siblings' opinions don't matter in this!  :P

OK, on to more important items of business!  Today was about 20 degrees above the normal temperature for this time of in winter!  We went to the nursing home to visit our oldest member, the one who broke his leg awhile back, if you recall my mentioning that.  They have called the family in, so if you think to pray for the Wheeles family, pronounced Wheel-less, please do.  But we were talking about the warmer-than-usual weather with the daughters that were there and they mentioned their crocuses and daffodils coming up already.  So as soon as we got back home I checked to see if any of my tulips were up yet.  Sure enough!  They are up a good bit!  I'll have to check the church tomorrow to see if anything is coming up over there.

Today's declutter item is an old visor that I haven't worn but maybe once or twice since we have been in NC, so into the trash it goes!

Until tomorrow..............