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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Short and Sweet

Today was a long day, for some reason.

Woke up with a headache that hung on all day.  I've been blowing my nose a lot.  I hope I'm not getting a cold!

Today was laundry day.  Plus cleaning the church.  Plus I worked on one of the plants in the church that was really scraggly and dying.  I cut off the best shoots, dug up the huge root ball and threw it in the trash.  Put a couple of the shoots back in the dirt and added potting soil and watered it pretty good.  I brought a bunch of the shoots to the house to put in water, hoping they will take root in case the ones I put in the dirt at church don't make it.

Didn't have to do any more snow shoveling today!  The sun took care of it!  :D

The sky was pretty as the sun was going down.

Remember how much snow we had Thursday?  It wasn't very warm today, but it was sunny!

OK, bed time for me!  Nite!  Have a blessed Lord's day in His house!