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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I haven't posted much in awhile, so thot I would catch you up with some pictures and explanations to go with them!

Saturday, Sept. 10 - A beautiful day!  We attended a wedding, which was held outside.  After we got home around 3 we decided we would go to Pizza Hut so we could bring the extra home for Tim watching football Sunday evening.  While out, we stopped at Walmart and I took this picture of the sky.  Kinda looks like God used a feather to put the little wisps of clouds in the sky.

Sunday, Sept. 11 - I cleaned up the basil plants that had run amuck and decided to dig for the potatoes.  Remember, earlier in the summer I had a potato that had turned into an "eye" sore?  I cut it in half and planted it in the herb "garden" as an experiment, really.  Well, I either dug them too early, or they were planted too late and were not going to make it anyway.  Not even enough to mess with, so they went into the trash.  I'll have to learn more about them for next year's gardening adventures.............maybe!

Monday, Sept. 12 - I saw these growing out close to the road and got a few good pictures.

We had 3 tomatoes left from the plants Tim planted and they were starting to go bad.  So, I decided to use them to make Chicken Cacciatore since I had a green pepper from our garden, too.  While I was at it, I decided to experiment with cooking brown rice in the crockpot............and since I was going to be using 2 of the 3 crocks, I decided to add the (frozen) veggies, too.  I should've added them to the pot alot sooner because the green beans were way to crunchy!  But, the meal was great!

Tuesday, Sept. 13 - I finally got the sewing machine unburied and did some sewing today.  This is the head to the stuffed turtle I made for Abigail for Christmas.  A lady at church gave me this Sears Kenmore sewing machine as it was just sitting in her garage collecting dust since she had bought a portable one.  I asked her how old she thought the machine was.  She said early 1970s maybe, but her husband thought she had gotten it earlier than that!  It runs beautifully!
 Here's Abigail's turtle.  It was very easy to make!  My kind of project!  Quick from start to finish!  If it isn't, I get bored with it!  :D
 While I had the sewing machine going, I converted this bigger note holder from the thrift store into one that Tim could carry in his shirt pocket.  After I finished these 2 projects, I began a sweater for Abigail.  See picture below.
 Wednesday, Sept. 14 - I told Brad last year that I would crochet him and Ryan some blaze orange vests for their hunting expeditions.  I created a pattern and sent it to Liz for measurements.  She sent me the measurements today and I started and finished Ryan's.  I thought there would be more "give" to it than there is, so I am sure hoping it will fit him!  I'm considering doing Brad's differently because of the fact of it not being very stretchy!  I hate the thot of resorting to knitting as that will take so much longer, but we shall see!

Here's what I have done so far on Abigail's sweater.  This is the yoke of the sweater.  LOTS of counting to do!  It is a mint green baby thread that I got from Tim's mom.
That's it for me as far as pictures goes.  Other scrapbook designing stuff has kept me pretty busy, too.  I'm in a designer contest this month and am still in the competition so far!  Tomorrow morning I'll find out if I move on to round 3 or not..  Go to my other blog if you want to see the free kits.  Love to all!


jessicaday said...

You've been busy! I love all the crafting you've been doing. I wish we were closer - I would love to pop over and do that kind of stuff with you.

Anonymous said...

You are CRAZY crafty!!! I wish I could do that!!!

Elisabeth said...

When I saw the first picture of the turtle for Abigail I was going to say it would be nice if you could add some crinkle under the material. She loves those kind of toys. But you finished it too quick! I'm sure she'll love it!