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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Revival Begins with Me

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Lord, send a revival and let it begin with me?"  This is so much better than saying, "Too bad so and so wasn't here because they sure needed that message!"  We all slide away from God every day because sin in our lives breaks our fellowship with the Lord.  And if we don't confess that sin, we keep sliding further and further away.  And I'm convinced that, since God is sovereign over all, He knows how to get the message sent to us that we need to hear that will draw us back to Himself.  Tonight's message was taken from James 1 and focused mainly on the Word of God and what our response to it's instructions should be.  Verse 22 is very clear, "be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only."  How often do we listen to God's Word being expounded only to have it "go in one ear and out the other?"  Or while reading it, your mind wonders off in all kinds of directions so that you don't get a thing out of what you just read?  God gave us His Word so it can be effectual in our lives as we live and serve Him.  But, it isn't going to be effectual if we aren't doers after we read it!  I'm so glad He is patient with His children!  The message that was needed tonight will be needed again in the near future, unfortunately!

I worked on finishing up the dress for Abigail that I showed you a picture of in an earlier post.  As it turns out, I'm still not done, even though I have finished the sleeves.  You cannot tell from the picture, but one sleeve (on the left as you are viewing it) has one "scallop" too many, so I'm going to have to rip it out and try again!  But, here is basically what it will look like.  I love it!

 I had not taken a picture of Tim and myself for quite a while.  And the reason I did this one was because Tim is going to be preaching revival in WV in October and the pastor wants a picture to use in a flyer.  I took my glasses off because of the reflection that always is distracting.  I took several with a flash first, but they all ended up with that shadow behind our heads, even though we were standing a pretty good distance from the wall.
 Today we had rain literally all day long.  A nice, steady, farmer's rain as Tim called it.  About 5:00 the clouds finally began to break up and let some sunshine through.  We are supposed to have more rain through Friday before the system moves out.
OK, that's it for tonight.  Love to all.


jessicaday said...

I love hearing about the revival. That is so right! I feel like I want to rest in my Father's arms, and stay under His wings, but there is a rope constantly trying to pull us away from there. It takes work (DOing the Word, not just hearing it) to stay there. So great. Thanks for posting this.

Elisabeth said...

I love the dress, it's so cute! Where is dad preaching in WV?