Thursday, September 1, 2011

The way I like to can.................

I remember when mom would spend HOURS upon HOURS, DAY after DAY in the basement canning green beans and tomatoes!  I don't really remember that she canned anything else, but I'm sure she did!  Well, that just isn't my idea of fun and it's probably about as cheap these days to just buy the canned green beans from the store!  But, I have enjoyed canning the few things I have this summer.  3 1/2 quarts of sweet refrigerator pickles, 3 1/2 quarts of salsa and now 3 quarts of green beans.  And Tim was the one that snapped the green beans last night while watching TV, which made it even nicer!  Who knows!  Maybe next year I'll even can some cucumber soup!  Just kidding!

These were the cleanest, un-bug-eaten green beans I think I ever remember seeing!
 I had just a few that I dared not squeeze into the jars, but put them in the fridge.  Don't they look pretty?!
I have to admit, however, that even these green beans did not escape my burning touch!  sigh!  I don't know what it is about me and green beans, but I have to burn every batch I cook for some reason!
I am trying sooooooooooo hard to keep the top of this stove looking brand new!  So, I have found that this Soft Scrub is my new best friend!  I don't know how long we will be chummy, but for now this is my cooking buddy!  I'm even getting rid of my cast iron skillets!  Why?  Because the instructions tell you specifically to not use them on this glass top!  I know that is why the stove at Buffalo was messed up because the cast iron skillets were Tim's favorite skillets to use!  He LOVED the way he could brown foods in them.  Me.....#1 they are just too heavy and #2 I can get a nice "brown" in any skillet.............or pan, for that matter!  Just look at the picture above if you don't believe me!  :D


Elisabeth said...

even the look of green beans makes me want to vomit! Must be from all the times you made us go out in the garden and pick them....Which is also the reason I don't have a garden. =) love ya!

jessicaday said...

I LOVE green beans, but I like mine crunchy. As weird as it sounds, I love that you always burn yours. We just smile and say, "that's Mom!" :-)

"Gram" said...

My green bean experiment is going well and the 3 little plants are producing daily. Since I can't get enough at each picking to can anything I've been sticking them in the freezer.

As for the smooth cooktop, I had to stop using my cast iron skillets, too. Now I use them for baking corn bread in the oven.

Also, baking soda makes a good surface cleaner for your range. Sugary things are the worst boil-overs! I've found that throwing salt on the mess IMMEDIATELY helps. Then once the burner cools I use a rubber spatula as a scraper. It sometimes takes several days but once the spill gets down to a manageable area I turn the burner on high and let the rest incinerate sort of like the process of a self-cleaning oven.

I've had my range for 2 years and it still looks new. I. Love. It!!!!

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