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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Intention in the First Place

I should know better than to continue sewing when I start making mistakes and have to rip the stitching out and re-do it!  ARGH!!  Being tired was the culprit, I'm sure!  BUT, alas!  I DID get Hannah's skirt completed today, from start to finish! 

The weather was overcast today, but it did get warmer.  I could tell it was warmer in the house and really too hot for my sweatshirt and jeans I was wearing!  I had to go out today and get a few groceries and a zipper for Kara's skirt.  So it is finished and boxed up to mail tomorrow!

Here's a few pictures from my day.  Love to all!

I gathered the waist of Hannah's skirt with elastic, but the waist looks big to me.  If it is too big, we will just adjust the elastic.  I did the hem differently than Kara's........I should've stuck with the way I did Kara's as it was MUCH easier!  But, the skirt turned out cute, don't you think?  :D

 I haven't looked into it yet, but I am going to begin a compost pile.  Here's some banana peels, green pepper left overs and potato skins are on the bottom.  I'll let you know how the composting goes!
 Can you see some yellow in the trees?  Didn't take much cooler weather before the leaves began their fall changes.  I LOVE the fall!  Can't wait to see those reds and oranges!
 I took a few pictures of the remains of summer's bounty.  I don't remember what this flower is called, but you can see I didn't interrupt the fly/bee??  I don't know for sure which it is.  All of my flowers are just about gone.  But the LORD is good to give us some beautiful flowers all the way into fall!
 And, here's the last of the veggie garden...3 green pepper plants that had been lost in the bushiness of the tomato plants.  After Tim removed the tomato plants, these started growing again and blooming.  Don't know how much longer they will survive, but they are still blooming!  They got so tall that Tim had to stake them!


Judith said...

Such a cute skirt, V!! And I believe the yellow flower is a coreopsis....or however ya spell it LOL!! Hope you & Tim are doing great. I am WAY too busy, but wanted to stop by & tell you I'm thinking of you. Have a blessed week! ~J

jessicaday said...

What a great summer, huh? I'm glad for all the great things we got to do, but now I'm ready for fall too. It's definitely my favorite season too.
Hannah's skirt looks great and I can't wait for Kara's skirt to arrive in the mail. How exciting!! :-)