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Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Projects

WOW!  I sure have been getting stuff done lately!  Here's Thursday and Friday's report card :)

Here's a picture of the cold front moving in last night.  We had a high of 60 today.  The temperature stayed @ 72 all day in the house.  I didn't even get hot fixing dinner!  :D

 Here's Abigail's sweater/dress (I haven't decided which it will be yet) showing you the colors in it and how the skirt is going to look.  I am making the pattern my own by changing it up a bit.  We will see how it turns out and I'll let you compare it to the original pattern.
 Tim said last night that since the weather was going to be cooler today that a bowl of chili would be awfully good!  So, I made a big pot and canned 4 more quarts of it besides what we had for dinner and left overs!  Since I was cooking anyway, I decided to make enough to can since I was already in the makings, anyway!  It doesn't take much longer to fix a BIG batch compared to a normal batch.  Will save time down the road!
Liz posted this cute picture of Abigail on FB today, so I just HAD to do a page of it.  What a sweetie!
 Another project I began today was fixing Hannah and Kara some patchwork skirts with some bits and pieces of material that I have around.  This one is done except for finishing up the waist.  This one is for Kara.  I cut the waist to the exact size, which I should not have done because I wanted to make it a stretchy waist with elastic.  Well, now I've got to buy a zipper to put in it since I cut it to the exact measurement of Kara's waist.  But, I think it turned out really cute!  Hannah's will be very similar, but I do intend to make hers a stretchy waist.
That's it for today!  Time for bed!  Love to all!


Elisabeth said...

That skirt is very cute! Will Hannah's be the same color? I remeasured her waist and got 23".

Lisa said...

Wow- you have been busy! I hope I can be as productive today.

jessicaday said...

I LOVE Kara's skirt! She looks great in brown. :-D Thank you!