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Monday, September 12, 2011

What's missing..................Faith,__________, Charity

The answer is HOPE!  But, Hope is not missing any longer!  We have another baby added to the Brandenburg's a note from my sister, Kim, whose daughter, Pam delivered her 4th baby (3rd girl) last night.  If you don't know, the girls' names are Charity, Faith and now Hope!  I got the following note from Kim at approximately 12:55 a.m. this morning:

"Well, Hope was born at 10:40pm (Sept. 11).  She (Pam) almost didn't make it.  She had a contraction and went on her knees in front of the elevator, her water broke.  She crawled into the elevator and then shortly she had her (Hope).  7# 12oz, not sure if they told them how long she was.   Jesse called me at about 10:45pm and said she had the baby and I said what!!  Had the kids get dressed and I dressed Faith and we went to the hospital to see Hope."

At 9:01 last night, Kim had sent me this note:

"Well, Pam has been having contractions.  So it looks like Hope will be here by tomorrow (Sept. 12).  They were going to induse her Monday morning at 6:30am, but looks like they will not have to.  She was wanting to come on her own.  So she and I both have been praying that if it was the Lords will, let her come without being indused.  I'll let you know the out come tomorrow sometime probably.  I'm off work tomorrow and Tuesday for grandma duties."

CONGRATS, Pam, Jesse and family!  Now, that's MY kind of baby-delivering!  :D  Thank You, LORD, for a safe delivery!


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! That is amazing! I love the name theme too. So cool. What is the little boy's name?