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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Today was thrift store day!  Only found one item, even though we went to the 3 regulars and then 2 more downtown.

I got some pictures this morning to scrap with my new kit that will be released tomorrow, so I will show those to you.

Other than that, not much happened today.  Tim and I are now the proud grandparents of baby guppies!  I will inherit the babies since all of my older fish (raised from babies last January) died.  I think keeping them for a year was a record!

Enjoy the pictures and pages from today's activities!  Until tomorrow.................

These are old hot pads of mom's.  They are today's decluttering items because.....

.....I found these for $0.55 each at a Goodwill we found on our way to WV last Thursday.  Out with the old and in with the new.

I tried to capture a few bird pictures this morning, but it was pretty cloudy, so the pictures are dark.  I cannot even tell what kind of bird this is.

There are two baby guppies in this picture.  Can you see them?

Here's some more white and pale yellow daffodils beginning to bloom at church.  These are the smaller variety.  Not nearly as pretty as the bright yellow ones.

Zoomed in to get this picture of a robin in the top of the tree in the front by the road.

My choice for lunch today.  Chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese, potato wedges and a drink.  YUM!  Tim had the same except that he always orders a side of cole slaw.

I love taking pictures of the American flag blowing in the breeze.  You can see how cloudy it was for most of the day.  This was taken above the Goodwill on University Parkway downtown.

By the time we got home this afternoon, some blue sky was beginning to show through the clouds in spots.  So, I took advantage of it and took some pictures of the budding trees on the church property.  This is the maple tree near the practically dead tree in the back of the parsonage.  Near the clothes line.

These blooms are from a tree between the church and fellowship hall.  Some sort of Flowering Pear tree, maybe (I looked up flowering trees and this looks like the bloom on pictures of Flowering Pear trees, anyway)?  I just know there are no real pears.

This is a bigger tree right behind the other one.  Same type of bloom, but with black stamen.

I'm always amazed to see the pretty little blooms of the grass!  A very pretty bluish purple color and only four petals!

Here's the only thrift store find of the day.  It was still wrapped in the store plastic.

From Big Lots, Tim and I got these mouse pads.  I needed to do something to try and alleviate some of the problem I have with my fingers going numb on my right hand from using the mouse so much.  Hopefully this will help.

Some of the cloud cover with sun trying to break through and brighten our day!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes my hand goes numb too! Let me know how that thing works for ya.