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Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 83 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Well, let me think.  What have I done today?  After reading my Bible, I cleaned up my e-mail.  It really builds up just over night!  Most of it I have programmed to go straight to the trash with my yahoo mail, which is the designing e-mail.  And, I have really trimmed down my gmail to where I may get about 20 over night.  Most of those I just delete without reading, too!  About the only ones I read are the family/friends ones and any replies from this blog and any replies from facebook comments and a few other newsletters.  So, while there is still room for some trimming, I'll let it go for now.  But, it takes me about an hour at the most to take care of everything.....unless I get side tracked and start downloading stuff!  Which is what happened today!  Next thing I knew, Tim was over here for lunch at 11:30!

After lunch, I did some knitting.  I'm about done with a little skirt I'm making for Abigail.  I have to work on the ruffles now, then sew up the seam and fix a little tie for the waist and then it will be done.  She is so tiny, it may not fit her til next winter, LOL!

After knitting for awhile, I did some more computer work.  We (the designers at Digitals) are releasing another colaborative product tomorrow.  The digital kits are divided up into paper packs and element packs and sold for $1.50 each for 4 days.  Then, we can combine our papers and elements into one kit to sell as we normally do.  So, I was setting up my blog post for that and working on my facebook page, too.

For supper tonight, I fixed Tim a can of Skyline Chili and I had left over stir fry.  After washing the dishes I worked on some scrapbook pages with the new kit that is being released tomorrow morning (about 1 am EST, I believe).  So, here are those pages and then I am going to do some more knitting and reading before going to bed.  Have a wonderful Saturday!  Until tomorrow.....