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Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Monday, Monday
So good to me.
Monday, Monday
It was all I hoped it would be......
Part of the "Monday, Monday" song sung by the Mamas and the Papas back in the day.  I hope your Monday was good to you!  I got the checkbook balanced and we have money left over!  WOOHOO!  That always makes for a good day!  :D

I actually woke up with another headache.  99.9% of the time my headaches are behind my left eye or on the left side of the head.  But today's was behind my right eye.  So, I got up and took a couple of Excedrin and laid back down for about an hour and it went away for the most part.  It's still kinda lingering slightly but it's about bed time, so hopefully when I take some PMs that will knock it while I read some.

Tim and I took the deposit to the bank and got some groceries.  There really wasn't anything he wanted in the fridge to eat for lunch, so I suggested we eat at McDonald's while we were at Walmart.  I finished up yesterday's dishes and we headed out.  That was nice for a change.

I also finished a layout of some signs Kara had put on the play room door.  And I finished up the little skirt for Miss Abigail.  Not sure it won't end up being Rosa's however!  :D  I also wanted to share a beautiful picture I got of a Robin singing in the tree after the hard rain we had at one point late Saturday afternoon.

Until tomorrow.......

Kara's signs read (in case you cannot see what is written on the white papers very well):
Keep out if you are mom or dad
Come in if you are Kara (that one is my favorite!  She forgot the e on "come")
Keep the door closed (she wrote, "Ceep the boor klosed" writing a "b" instead of a "d" on door)
Knock 5 times if you want to come in  (she wrote, "noc 5 times if you ?ant to come in")
LOL!  Too funny!
I went ahead and enlarged this one so you could see how clearly I got zoomed in on her/him as I stood by the car port and the Robin sang from the tree closest to the laundry pole and behind the almost dead tree out the back door.  I took a step to see if I could get a little closer, but she/he flew.  How do you tell a male Robin from a female Robin?  Do the females have a red breast?  I'll have to look that up.  "Oh, Mr. Google?"

And here's the little skirt for Miss Abigail.  I thought it turned out cute, especially since I didn't have a pattern.


Tammy said...

Cara's signs are just TOO cute!!

I believe that the male birds are usually the brighter colored ones - all that showing off they have to do to attract the uppity females - giggle! I've also read the males are more vocal.

Cute lil' skirt!

jessicaday said...

I LOVE that picture of the robin!