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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 80 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Yes, I've been gone longer than I needed to be.  What can I say!  Nothing!  Chalk it up to no inspiration!  But, today I am inspired!  :D  I have lots of photos and memories to share, so grab something to drink and enjoy!

First of all, let me share a scrapbook page I did of our little Miss Abigail.  As usual, I stole the picture from Liz's facebook posts!  Isn't she just so precious!  I could look at this picture all day!  I see Liz in this picture and the reminiscing begins!  But, I won't go there!  Only to say that Elisabeth was a delightful child, full of spunky cuteness, just like Abigail!

Why  am I showing you a sink full of dirty dishes?  Well, as I loaded the sink to do the dishes, I realized that I was stacking the dishes in the sink the way I watched mom do it so many times as I was growing up.  You know how you always say you are going to do things differently than your mom did......then when you grow up and are making a life of your own, you find yourself doing things just the way mom did them!  It is true!  And you cannot deny it!  So, today, as I placed the plates in the bottom with the silverware along the side of them, then the bowls and the glasses and the oddly-shaped dishes on top, I remembered mom.......and I smiled!

Well, he got the itch again!  The ham radio itch!  When we moved from Buffalo to Winston-Salem, Tim sold all of his equipment because it is a fairly expensive hobby.  By the time you put up the "space radar" antenna that he had in Buffalo.....(not to mention the rental of a crane to place it on a 40' tower) there is a bit of expense.  Needless to say, we could not afford $1500 for a new radio or one of those antennas, so he talked to his blind friend, Anthony, to see if he could use his radio, which he had not used since we moved from Buffalo.  Tim was the one who got him into ham radio after Anthony expressed an interest.  But that is another story for another time.  The long and the short of it is that Anthony's parents gave Tim permission to use the radio, so Tim drove up to WV and back last Saturday to pick up the antenna.  That's right, Liz.  We purposefully didn't tell you since the trip was not for a social visit.  I didn't even go.  I did not want to disrupt your Saturday for a 1-2 hour visit.  I told your dad I would just stay home since he was going straight up and straight back.

So, here's what he did about the antenna.  The antenna you see in this picture is for the TV, which he has never been happy with.  So, time for it to come down so he could rig up an antenna for the radio.  He tied a rope to the antenna and then wrapped it around the chimney until he could get everything else situated.

My job was on the ground.  While he held onto the rope, I was to "walk" the antenna down to the ground.  To my amazement, it worked!  I sure had my doubts, however!

TADA!  Task accomplished!  Then he removed the TV antenna and attached another long pipe along side of the pipe you see lying on the ground.  He attached the antenna wires to the pole and then to get it upright, we had to "walk" the pole back up and stand it in the corner again where the old antenna had been.  I really didn't think we would be able to do it from the ground.  I thought he would have to tie the rope to it and pull on it while I walked it.  But, it was actually alot easier than I thought it would be!

There it is!  Really high in the sky!  Next we strung the wires of the antenna from the car port and one of the wires went to the tree in the front of the house.

I wanted to show you how my celery project is coming along.  Remember, I cut the last of the celery and then saw a blog post of how you could grow the "stump" end of the celery?  So, I grabbed the stump back out of the trash can, let the stump sit in a saucer of water for several days and then I planted it in this hanging planter.  Look at all of the new growth!  Very cool!  I have a bit of onion planted in this pot, too, but nothing appears to be happening with it.....yet!

There's where the celery is hanging and then I got the bright idea to put one of my garden hooks under the tree in the back (the one that is all but dead) and fixed my hummingbird feeder up to hang on it.  We shall see if it draws any hummers in!  I'm hoping to get some great pictures!

OK, back down memory lane.  The battery charging system in the good car acted up today and Tim could not get the car started to go to Lowes to get things for his antenna.  So, he went to the basement to get the battery charger.  Here's where the memories come in.  That battery charger is the same battery charger we had when we lived on River Road in Hebron, KY when Tim and I were first married.  (We will be married 36 years on May 8th this year!)  Why did we need a battery charger way back then?  Well, I don't know if we bought it for it's intended use, or if we bought it because during the winter, we had to run an extension cord down the hill from the trailer to charge the battery on really cold nights.  Plus, we had to keep a light bulb lit under the hood to keep the car from freezing up so we could be assured to have a vehicle to drive the next day!  The car was a Volkswagon.....a yellow beetle!   Ah!  Memories of living on that hill!  Memories of cutting that stupid grass!  Memories of having to walk up that hill after coming home with a brand new baby (Jessica) because we couldn't drive up the hill for the snow and ice!  Memories!

Well, this does not look good!  That pole is a great lightning rod!  We had thunderstorms and lightning come through the area tonight!  Tonight of all nights!  Tim rushed to Lowes to get a lightning rod so he could ground the antenna.  He got it done!

I'm so happy to report that nothing stuck the new antenna!  However, I did turn my computer off.....just in case!  

Last but not least, the little round things you see in this picture is hail.  We got a downpour and some hail at one point during the thunder storming!  All is quiet now!  And, it is time for me to say goodnight!  Until tomorrow?  Maybe?  :D


Elisabeth said...

It makes me sad to read that Abigail is a delightful child, full of spunky cuteness just like I was. I don't ever want her to grow up and become a sassy young lady like me!
And the part about the dishes...I will never do it like my mom bc I never remember her doing the dishes! I will do it like I saw my siblings do it. :)
Love you!

Lisa said...

It looks like you have been very busy. Love the pictures :)

jessicaday said...

So many good things about your post! The celery is what's blowing me away though. lol!