Friday, January 3, 2014

Beaded Bracelet

I've been really interested in beaded jewelry lately.  I have included plastic beads of various sorts on the rubber band bracelets I've made for the kids, but that is different than what I have been looking into of late.  I bought a couple of bead stringing magazines from Walmart and have downloaded some free patterns from the internet.  I've been collecting beads from the thrift stores and the $$ tree and have even bought some more expensive beads at AC Moore.

Last night I decided to try my hand at a fairly difficult pattern for me as a beginner, anyway, but that's how I roll!  I have to say that it was pretty challenging and one that I had to pay close attention to what I was doing!  The name of this pattern is "Tropical Forest Bracelet."  I didn't have the exact same beads, but used some that were comparable.  The original Bracelet is found here where you can buy the kit for $37.00.  But, I might have $5 or $6 in materials in it.  Now, if you are counting labor hours, that's another story!  :D  BUT, I like a good challenge!  :D  Here is how mine turned out.  It is actually a bit too big for me.

I love the "clusters" of beads on the bracelet.

Pretty neat!  Turned out great!  I love it!  I like the heart toggle closure, too!

Here's just a few of the rubber band bracelets that I have made.  The ones with the fish are the ones with beads in them in this picture.  The other "embellishments" on the others are buttons and charms.

We are going to go to the WV pastor's meeting later today.......if the weather and road conditions allow for that!  Hope you are safe and warm!

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Bunnyfreak said...

Love the bracelet. Saw the in progress picture; it turned out get.

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