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Saturday, February 14, 2015

If I had a brain......

"If I hat a brain I'd take it out and play with it!"  I remember my dad saying that when he forgot something or did something stupid.  I felt that way when I forgot to post here last night.  I thought of it so many times last night that it isn't funny.  But, before I realized it I had shut down the computer for bed.  So, I didn't mess with rebooting just to do my post.  I'll just give you late news!  :D

Yesterday, as those of you who read my blog know, was Tim's day off and our thrifting day.  With Liz coming later in the afternoon, we just stayed close to the house and did our regular thrift stores.  But, we did go somewhere different than usual for lunch.  Can you guess where we went?  (If you like this place, you will know!)  :D

Olive Garden Salad.....THE BEST!
 We were probably home by 1:00.  Since Liz wasn't due til 4:30 and since I had been cooped up in the house all week sick, I decided to go rummaging at Mega Thrift again, check out the $0.99 color tag again.  I also wanted to make a run to AC Moore and Big Lots.  Well, I was disappointed at Mega Thrift because they were only doing 50% off instead of $0.99 color tag!  So I didn't check out the clothes as I had planned to do.  I did find some sandals for our trip to FL.

I got back to the house at around 4:00.  Hannah wanted me to help her make a volcano project for school, "since mamaw is crafty," she said!  That made me very happy!  :D  Even though, Liz could have done the same thing and Hannah did most of the forming anyway!  But, I'm always glad to help my grandchildren!

So, here Hanna is measuring all the ingredients:  6 cups flour, 2 cups salt, 2 Tbsp oil, 2 cups water.

Abby wanted to help mix it together.  But she changed her mind.  She doesn't like her hands being yucky!

So she decided to be goofy and sit and watch.

It got so stiff that we had to help her by holding the bowl.  She had to stand on the chair to be able to get some weight behind the mixing.

Then we shaped it around the empty water bottle.  This definitely does not look like a mountain!

So, we made another 1/2 batch.  This time Abby did get her hands messy by helping Hannah to mix.

Voila!  Looks much better!

I gave her some of my Glimmer Mist spray inks in brown, green and red.

And, here's the finished product.

Good work, Hannah!  Now to let it dry and then take it to school to add the vinegar and baking soda to the water bottle and watch the reaction!

So, I am using Liz's old Canon Power Shot camera that she gave to me after she got a new one.  And since mine is on the blink, that's the camera we are taking to FL.  So, I needed to find a camera bag to hold the camera and the battery recharger.  I found this Samsonite bag at Mega Thrift for $1.99!  CHA-CHING!  It appears to be brand new, too!

I was going to wait for our trip to FL to get another Butterfly Calendar, but I saw these at AC Moore for $2.88!  I decided that I liked this for this year!  Has an Art Journaling feel to it.

Here is February's:

OK, that's it for me!  Busy day tomorrow!