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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Storm Warnings! YIKES!

I'm sure a winter storm warning here in NC is not the same as a winter storm warning for, say, New York or Pennsylvania or some other Northeastern state, BUT.......I can say I'm glad we are heading out of Dodge TONIGHT right after the church services!  The rental is sitting in the parking lot and it is packed and ready to go except for the last minutes details!

Yesterday was laundry day, cleaning the church and getting ready for the trip.  I only fixed a few meals this week so we could be sure and have the fridge cleaned of left overs before we leave.  So, we ended up going to Cagney's Restaurant a couple of miles down the road from us and ordered enough that would take us through lunch today, too.  We have just enough left overs for a bite before church and we are ready to go!  :D

The camera didn't capture the sun's setting colors the way I was seeing it with my eyes, but it still made for some pretty pictures.  The wind was scheduled to start blowing at 4 pm and it was right on time!

Started blowing the clouds across the horizon.  It got so fierce that it knocked some tree branches or a tree or something over into some power lines til we ended up in the dark...............

...............and spent almost 2 1/2 hours in the dark.  I still had my last load of laundry in the dryer when the electricity went off.  Tim used the light from his iPad to find matches in the kitchen drawers so I could light some candles.  I ended up finishing the sorting of the last load of laundry, which happened to be dry when the lights went out, by candle light so I could pack what I had washed for our trip.  I am thankful for candles!  It made me think of how people must have done things way back when there was no electricity for lighting yet!  I guess that is why they went to bed early and got up early!  I cannot imagine reading by candlelight until 1 a.m.  But, sometimes I think all the modern conveniences that we have has made us into whimps!  We don't know how to act when they are gone!  I wonder what people did, who were night owls, back 150 years ago?

Anyway.......that's it for me today.  I'll try to give a daily report on our trip with some pictures!  Have a great week!