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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nothing Exciting EXCEPT.......

Tim took the last of the Zelboraf pills that he was taking as treatment for the melanoma that had such a drastic affect!  In the beginning, anyway, but not so much now.  The doctor wants him to be off of the Zelboraf for 2 weeks before beginning a 4th treatment.  This treatment is a trial where a herpes virus has been changed to work as a cancer killer.  The treatment will be injected directly into the stubborn spot on his chest that has never gone away and also into the new lump that formed a couple of months ago.  Praying this one is the one that will make him cancer free!

I had one last bout of diarrhea earlier today, so am hoping the virus I had is gone!  I don't think I have eaten as much all week as what I usually do in one day!  :D  So, yes, I've lost a couple of pounds!  I'm getting ready to go to bed so that I won't go hog wild in the kitchen, which I feel like I could easily do!

Thanks so much for your continued prayers on Tim's behalf!  They mean so much to us!