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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Slim Pickings

Today was a good day in the Lord's house!  But, we had very few people there for one reason or another.....either from sickness, traveling, or they just didn't bother to come!  The last group is the one that makes us sad.  You shouldn't have to beg people to come to church!  I'm afraid a lot of the time, those people are the ones with profession but not possession!  We can judge their fruit (works) but we cannot judge their heart.  Only God can do that!

One of families has one recovering from pneumonia and gastritis while the other has double pneumonia and is in the hospital!  She is getting much better, just still very weak.  While he is still in the hospital.  What makes it worse for him is that he has a tracheotomy, so they have to treat him a bit differently than normal.  I went to Walmart today to pick up some fruit and candy to make him a fruit basket.  They fixed a moisture tent over his trach area yesterday, so today he was feeling much better!

I wanted to add grapes to this basket, but Walmart didn't have any, which I thought was unusual!  This will be delivered to him tomorrow!  Bananas, kiwi, pears, oranges, apples, snickers, rolos and m&m's!  YUM!

Happy February!