Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Tonight I want to share some of the pictures I could not share from the last couple of days from our vacation.  I will make some notes under each picture to let you know more about them.

These first pictures were taken on Saturday, Feb. 21st when we went to Pam and Jesse's for lunch.  She cooked a huge meal.....mashed potatoes, grilled BBQ chicken, baked beans, deviled eggs and peach cobbler for desert!  After that, we hung around til around 4 p.m.

The flea market we went to and spent at least 2 hours walking through before going to Pam's house.

Charity with one of their hens.

Baby Grace.

Little Hope

Sweet little Faith

Jesse smoking some beef jerky.


I think this chicken will eventually lay blue eggs.  I forget the name of it.

Little Jesse jumping from the swing!

Charity's turn to jump!

Charity waving from her perch in one of the trees.

These next pictures were taken on Sunday, Feb. 22nd.

Charity, Faith and Jesse singing at the Nursing home service in the afternoon.

Pam and Jesse singing at the nursing home service.

Faith and Hope singing.

Tim gave the devotion.

Kim and Bobo.  Bobo is 19 years old!

Kim and her daughter, Pam and their precious family.

The older kids wanted to be in this photo, too!

After the services, we left for home.  We traveled til about 10:45 and stopped for the night in Georgia.  We got up and ate breakfast, packed the car, went to the gas station to fill up the tank and were on the road again by about 9:20.  We stopped for lunch at Zaxby's and got home around 2:30.  Unloaded the rental car and took it back to Enterprise.

Rain on the way home on Monday.
 Woke up to some white stuff this morning.

Wearing the boots Tim's mom gave to me for Christmas.

I had no choice but to go outside because I had to get groceries!
Hoping I don't have to dress like this again!  Come on, SPRING!!

Nite all!

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