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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Urgent Care Visit

Well, it's been another one of those days!  Tim had the dry heaves this morning and had a slight headache.  I sent a note to his oncologist about the fall yesterday, the throwing up in Walmart, the throwing up today and the headache and asked his opinion.  I got a note back from a triage nurse that said, due to the symptoms we should go to the ER or urgent care so trauma could be ruled out.  Tim did NOT want to sit in the ER all day, so we found the nearest Wake Forest Urgent Care facility in Clemmons (about 15 minutes away) and went there.

YUP!  There will be no more ER visits unless it is by ambulance!  We were in a room within 15 minutes!  The doctor gave Tim a good examination.  He ruled out a spinal bleed (I think) and determined that there was no trauma from the fall.  When he listened to Tim's abdomen, he said Tim had lots of acid.  He prescribed a stronger antacid medicine than what he is currently taking.  I told him Tim was not sleeping very well.  He said it is normal with the obvious stress his body is under from the cancer.  He also prescribed Xanax for him to take at night to help sleep.  But he also said Tim needs to refrain from all the napping during the day!  That will be a tough one, considering how weak Tim is!

Since Tim will be getting sedation tomorrow for the MRI, we opted not to give him the Xanax tonight because Xanax and Versed react to one another in a bad way, causing terrible side effects!

I don't know how the subject came about, but the doctor also wanted Tim to start eating chicken noodle soup 4 times a day.  I think for strength and fluids, maybe!  I'm not sure where that all fits in to our visit today!  I would love it if Tim ate half that much!  Today, he didn't eat breakfast due to the nausea.  After we got back home, he did eat 1 small ladle of chicken noodle soup.  And, he was not about to eat that for supper, too!  He had about half an ear of corn.  He's just about as weak now as he was when I had to take him for fluids last Friday.  I'm at my wits end of knowing what to do to make him drink and eat!

Since we were at the urgent care for awhile and then went to the store to fill the new prescriptions afterwards, he still took a nap after he ate the soup.  He did snooze a little bit throughout the afternoon, but not as much as usual, I don't think.  Pray he sleeps well tonight!

We also went outside for a bit tonight.  Here's a few pictures and some movies of the birds.

Please pray for Tim.  He is so anxious about tomorrow's MRI that he cannot sleep tonight.  I can't give him the Xanax because it interacts in a harmful way with the Versed he will receive tomorrow for the MRI.

It turned cloudy late this afternoon.  Made the temp comfortable for sitting outside.

The flowers got chopped off the tobacco today.


Cheryl Pugh said...

Praying for Brother Day, and you as well VickieπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»