Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am FINALLY caught up with my Postings!

Sorry for the delay! But, I am finally caught up through today! This has been a wild month already! And I have also been helping my daughter work on a cheerleading yearbook! But, that project is finished! Now, I have to start working on my last Brownie Scraps challenge kit which is due this Sunday! I'm just thankful I had 2 weeks to work on it! So, I may get behind on my posts here for a few days til I get my kit finished! Thanks to those of you who have been faithfully stopping by and wondering when I would be back! Hopefully, I won't be gone so long any more!


And, btw! If you haven't stopped by my "Today's Scrap" designing blog for my latest collaborative kit with Debbie Allee, "How Does Your Garden Grow?" head on over there to download it! It's F R E E! And, my dad used to say, "If it's F R E E, it's for me!" Sometimes there is a catch to it if it is F R E E! But, there's no catch to this one! You will LOVE the elements!

1 comment:

Karabeth said...

So I wasn't the only one who took a few days off, huh?

I'm enjoying playing catch-up.

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