Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009

I'm going to start this post, but I won't have a layout done til tomorrow. We are traveling to MD tonight after church, so I will be working on my layout during the trip. We will not make the entire trip tonight, but will cross over into Virginia and spend the night there off of I-85.

Well, the GPS we bought ESPECIALLY to use on our trip to MD freaked out on us not more than 1/2 hour into our trip. It was doing fine one minute, then all of a sudden Monica started Recalculating and Recalculating and Recalculating. Our car looked like it was spinning around on the screen! We weren't, mind you! So, Tim turned it off and plugged it into the charger, even tho that definitely should not have been the problem. Fortunately, the first leg of our trip was the easy part! Hopefully tomorrow Monica will be more cooperative!

OK, here is my layout. Kit used is by Glenda Ketcham, Country Charm (Kit 2). Click on the layout to be taken to the kit in the store at Digitals.

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