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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Believe it or not, this is organized compared to what it was a few minutes ago!

I spend a LOT of time at this desk, so I like having my favorite things around me for inspiration. I will list them here and you see if you can "find" all of them (click the picture to get a bigger view of it):

Recent Family Portrait
2 calendars with pictures of grandchildren
1 scripture calendar
1 daily calendar (not yearly)
Bible and devotional
Things to do Today list (rarely looked at) :)
Bills to pay (collecting in a pile)
Patriotic paraphernalia
Misc. pictures of family and friends
Tatted cross (gift from Jeanetta Frost at Buffalo)
Cute little jars and containers for office-type supplies
Star Wand (gift from co-worker who went to Disney)
Caricature drawing of Susie and I from "Leaving" Amos Plant.
Talking Secretary Head (given to me by my supervisor, Richard, at Amos)
Clock (to help me keep track of time to fix Tim's dinner) :)
Other Misc STUFF

I awoke today with one of those headaches that is not giving up easily! Say a prayer for me, please! I'm counting on the quote from my Helen Steiner Rice Daily Calendar, which says:
Always remember
That whatever betide you,
You are never alone
For God is beside you.
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1
Today be thankful for God's companionship.
Right now, I need Him to take the headache away! I think, however, they are my "thorn in the flesh."

Have a blessed day! Love you all!


Elisabeth said...

you have a lot of calendars! It's time to change the one I made for you! =)
You passed your thorn in the flesh down to me, maybe not as severely, but since being pregnant I haven't had one headache