Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Coming and Going

This has been a busy week.
Monday - Preacher's Fellowship here in NC
Tuesday - Thrifting with Elisabeth in Kannapolis and Concord.
Wednesday - Tim's treatment at the hospital
Thursday - Shopping with Elisabeth in Concord.
Friday - Preacher's Fellowship in WV.
Saturday - Laundry
Sunday - Easter

Tuesday - We left the house in order to be at Elisabeth's by 10.  She had made a list of 10 thrift stores and had them arranged in order of how we would hit them.  I think 6 of the 10 were good addresses.  The other 4 either were closed or we couldn't find.  That was a pretty good average.  She was the only one to buy anything.  We treated her to lunch at Fatz since we rode with her in her van.

I woke up with one of those headaches that likes to make its presence known ALL DAY LONG!  I went back to bed with meds and Tim went to his 3rd injection treatment at the hospital by himself.  I think he got back home around 1:00.  While he was there he had to update his clergy badge which helped take up some of the waiting time.  The doctor was a bit concerned today that new lumps are popping up and the old one is not going away.  He said he can tell it is mushy compared to how it was the first time he injected it.  He said if nothing happens or he gets more lumps that he will probably end this treatment and try something else.

As usual, he was running a fever and chilling by church time.  It happens too late for him to call someone else to take over the services.  So, he struggles through.  Tomorrow he will probably be feverish off and on and then on Friday will be just fine.  That is why we did the thrifting with Liz on Tuesday so he could plan on being home and recouping on Thursday.

Here's a couple of Bible Art Journaling pages I have done since I last posted.

Are and lettering mine.  Divider is a sticker.

In order to get the "brain" onto my page in the next picture, I printed it out and then colored the back side of it with the graphite pencil.

Then I flipped the print-out over and traced half of the brain onto my Bible and added the rest.

This is a "transfer" process I used today and then colored it in darker.

I created the word art in my Word program and then flipped them backwards and printed them.  Then put the paper ink side down and used a pencil to rub the letters onto my Bible.

The cross illustration is from the internet that I drew.
Well, it is getting late and I need to get to bed so I can get up and get to Elisabeth's on time tomorrow!  :D  Nite!

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