Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009

Today's layout was created with the free daily download of Amanda Thorderson's, "Butterflies are Free" in the Digitals store. If you click on the Date above, you will be taken to the free kit in the store. You will have to go to the store daily for another piece of the kit.

DH and I started back on our daily walking at the mall and I meant to take the camera with me to get a picture, but forgot it! We were very busy doing church work today, but I forgot to get any pictures! :( I'm slipping! Well, I am doing some work for a couple of the designers at Digitals, making quick pages, that I will be posting here on Friday as FREEBIES!! So, don't forget to come back! I will be including a free template with each quick page (4 of them) that I made the quick page with.

My page today is a print screen of one of those quick pages I was working on today. But, since I am not supposed to let you see it til Friday, I had to scribble most of it out! Be sure to come back on Friday and I will tell you who the designer of the kit is! Hugs!

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