Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

Pray for our new national leaders. Especially that they will allow God to lead them as they lead this great nation of ours, the United States of America!

Today's post is from a busy day. From the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun, things happened! Snow! We were to get 1 to 3 inches. We got just a dusting! So, now that we have gotten some, that is enough for me! LOL! There were wrecks in the little bit of snow we had, so DH decided we would not get out on the road to go to the mall to walk. That was fine by me! After my Bible reading, I took a shower, trimmed my hair, cleaned up the dishes, loaded the dish washer, swept the dining room and kitchen floors, took some snow pictures and took lots of miscellaneous pictures to work with at some point in Photoshop Elements to use in scrapbooking. Most of the day I spent scanning in ideas for scrapbooking.

Then, at around 11:30, DH and I fixed lunch and sat in front of the TV to watch the inauguration of the 44th President, Barack Obama, the first black President ever to be voted into the office. So, it was an historical day!

I used a template of my own for the layout. And I used an add on mini kit Amanda created especially for this historical event. It is a freebie on her blog at the following link: http://flamingo-amanda.blogspot.com/

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