Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009

We drove about an hour north of the house today to visit the hometown of Andy Griffith, Mt. Airy, NC - otherwise known as Mayberry, RFD. It was Tim's "proclaimed" day off from church work, so he decided we needed a change of pace.....he usually continues to do church work and all I do (when we are not doing church work) is scrapbooking. We had a delightful time and the day was warm, 44 degrees, and the sun was shining!

I used Amanda Thorderson's "Butterflies are Free" kit, which was the daily download at Digitals the first part of the month.


vicky said...


Jessica said...

I am replying to your test. I didn't get this last time so it may work now...:)

prinzess said...

I would love to visit there...I love that show!!! I guess its working now, huh!

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