Monday, January 9, 2017

Home Again

We sure hated to come back to cold weather after having beautiful days on Marco Island!  Somewhere along the way we lost about 50 degrees!  YIKES!

We left Marco Island, FL around 9 a.m. Saturday morning and traveled to my sister's house in Palm Bay, FL.  It was a 4-hour trip.  We stopped for a quick bite to eat along the way and found a Goodwill store not far from her house.  They had a HUGE selection of books.  I found a large-print devotional book that I intend to cut up and use in mixed media art projects.

That night for supper we went to Red Lobster with Kim, Pam, Jesse, Charity, little Jesse, Faith, Hope, Grace and Joy.  We waited for an hour, it seemed!  Tim, Kim and I were not too hungry, so we got their potato soup, which was delicious!  When we left there, Pam and Jesse and the kids came back to Kim's house with us and had ice cream and cake for Pam's birthday.
Charity, Faith, Hope

Grace, Jesse



Faith and her daddy

Grace and Charity

Grandma and the Grands adding candles to the cake


Grace and Hope sitting on Tim's lap.

Grace and Faith sitting on Uncle Tim's lap.

Everyone wanting to see what mommy got from Grandma.

I think Hope took this picture.  I was trying to back up some because she was so close.

Joy having fun in the rocker

Joy reminds me of Abby when she was a baby.

On Sunday, we went to church with Kim.  With the weather being bad here and not knowing what the road conditions were going to be, we decided to leave in the afternoon instead of spending another night and leaving on Monday.  It would be pushing us too much to make sure we got the rental car back in time.
The kids sat up front and the opening songs were for them.

I forget what song had the sleep motion for it.

Jesse taught the adult Sunday school class.  Did a great job.


I drove til it got dark and then Tim took over.  My vision is not very good at night anymore.

Good bye, palm trees!  :(

It had cooled off considerably by the time we got to the hotel around 8:15.  I sat by the heater to warm up!

We left the hotel after breakfast this morning at around 7:30, I guess.  It was 32 degrees!  And got colder the further north we drove.  Tim drove for about an hour and then needed to rest.  Then he drove the last hour and a half.  We arrived back home around 12:30.  We emptied the car and then drove the rental back to Enterprise.  We had to stop at Walmart on the way back home, mainly to get a heating pad and some muscle medicine for Tim who has done so much coughing and sneezing the last couple of days that he has pulled some muscles in his back.

Morning selfie as we leave the hotel in Savannah.

Goodby capris and flip flops.  Hello blue jeans, socks and tennies.
The first snow we saw was in Rock Hill, SC.

Charlotte, NC had a little bit more.

Concord had more.

This is near Liz's exit.  They had a snow day today.

It was so sweet of Calvin to get our walk cleaned and salted for our arrival!  Thank you, Calvin!
Well, I think I will read for awhile before going to bed!  Nite!

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