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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Test Results

If you haven't heard by now, the results of the CT scans Tim had on Friday were "normal" according to the doctor.  What that means is that nothing changed from the last scans.  That is a good thing.  However, it isn't exactly true.  A couple of the old lumps have started growing again.  One on his left leg and one on his right arm.  These areas are not scanned.  He discovered the one on his arm Thursday morning.  But, until tons of the tumors come back, he will remain on the combination of meds, #6 and 7.  We are so thankful for how long their effectiveness has lasted this round.

We only had a handful of people at church today.  Lots out with sickness.  I think Tim is finally over the cold.  I've still got something going on with the sinuses on my right side.  I get a headache and feel the pressure if I bend over.  Probably a sinus infection.  What a nuisance!  But, I'm thankful it isn't worse!

It has looked and felt like it could snow today.  There were a few rain drops right before the services at church started tonight, but didn't last very long.

Here are some photos I've taken the last several days.

The white on the mail box is frost.

This leaf was wet, but it looks like frost.

See how tall the daffodils are getting!  The overhang definitely saves them from the frosty mornings.  Today, it was 26 in the morning.

I was standing under the carport when I was taking these zoomed-in photos.  I am thinking this is a blue bird.  The wings had blue on them when it flew.

I went over to the edge of the house to get a better angle.  You can see the blue on his wings.

I finished knitting the cowl.

Modeling it.  This is probably the preferable way I would wear it.

Political correctness has even invaded the Girl Scout Cookies.  The caramel delites are no longer called Samoans!  It's enough to drive you crazy!!!

Trying to capture the rays of light shining through the clouds, but you cannot see them very well.

Here are some photos for the photo prompts the last couple of days:

Prompt:  i can't live without

Prompt:  a sign

Prompt:  shadow
(this is one of Kara's kittens named Shadow)
And that about wraps up the weekend!  Have a blessed week!


jeday0323 said...

Your camera is awesome!! I love the pictures you are getting.

I'm glad to hear Tim's results. Like he always says, he can live with tumors in his skin, not his organs. Praise God for extending his life - we love him here, selfishly speaking.

I cannot believe those daffodils!!

Cleona Jean said...

love all the pictures,"see the blue". Beautiful skies. great news about your hubby.

Vicky said...

AMEN to that, Jessica, selfishly speaking! :D
Thanks, Cleona! We all agree on the news about Tim's CT Scans!