Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday in the Park.......

I don't know why that song came to mind, LOL!  But I do like that song!  I wish it were warm enough to be in the park today, but it was overcast most of the day and 30 degrees cooler than yesterday!  At least the part of the day that I was out and about in started out at 44 degrees!

Today being Saturday, I did the laundry.  Even though I did bunches on Wednesday from vacation, I still had 3 loads today!  I always have the towels to do.  And Tim always has good clothes that he wears through the week.  He dresses office casual, I guess you would call it.  A button down shirt, tucked in, but not a tie.  And dress pants, but more along the line of khaki-type.  Plus, I had to iron all of his church shirts that we bought at the end of last year.  Remember?  The ones that were perfect, EXCEPT they need to be ironed!  GRRR!  So, to make sure he doesn't wear the same one or two all the time, I usually leave them hanging in the laundry room until he needs them.  So, I ironed 7 shirts today.  And, now I'm thinking I would rather iron one or two at a time instead of 7 at one time!  So, I'll have to re-think my strategy!  Maybe I can iron them but leave them in the laundry room.  That might work!

After I cleaned the bathrooms and got the towels going, I took a trip to Mega Thrift to find some notebooks for my scrapbooking page protectors that I bought at Tuesday Morning earlier in the week.  I found the 8.5 x 11 notebooks with no problem and for $0.99.  But, there were no 12x12 notebooks.  I had a 60% off coupon, so I went to Michaels.  WOW!  $30 for the crazy thing!  60% off was $18 off, but $12 for a photo album just seemed ridiculous to me!  But, I got it anyway!  Then I got home and AC Moore had sent me a $10 gift certificate that I would've used if I'd known I was going to get it!  Oh well!

So, I worked on finishing up the laundry the rest of the afternoon, fixed a good supper of oven fried chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, lima beans and biscuits, got the kitchen cleaned up and am ready to call it a night after I do my Bible work.  I had a sore throat all day yesterday and did not sleep very well last night.  My nose is all stuffed up tonight.  I guess Tim is passing it back to me, however I didn't have any throat issues the first time around!  :(

Since I had my follow-up on Thursday, and have not taken the acid reflux meds, I've had heartburn every day.  I'm sure I will have to go back on the meds after the 7 day trial off of it.  Jessica Day, don't I remember that Michael is taking something over the counter now instead of prescription?  Could you give me the particulars.....$$, name, etc?  Thanks!

OK, I took 2 pictures today.  One around 7:45 using the dusk/dawn setting, but it was really too light and the picture is purple.  The other picture I took as a daily photo challenge.  Today's challenge was to take a photo of a path.  I added a scripture to it.

I forgot that I had taken this photo, too, of the path the USPS truck has made up to the mailbox.  But I didn't like the picture as much as the next one.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!

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jeday0323 said...

You are right. Michael switched to over the counter a few years back. He takes prevacid now, but it is the same as what he used a few years ago - prilosec. Over the counter is 15mg, and prescription is 30mg. So, he takes one every day and just takes a second one if he needs it. He is cool using whichever one I have coupons for, but I do have to get one and stick to it. He says switching back and forth doesn't work very well - it has to build up in his system. So they aren't exactly alike I guess!

(I do hear him in the tums bottle still. It isn't perfect.)

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