Friday, January 2, 2015

35?? Can't be True!

But it is! Our first baby is 35 today! How did that happen? I don't remember getting that old! But it is true. Jessica Ann has been a joy since the day I found out I was pregnant with her. I wasn't sick at all. In fact, I never felt better! :-) She was such an easy child to raise. I thank God for giving you to us! Happy Birthday, sweetie! I love you so much!

We left the hotel this morning at 7:30 to arrive at the Preacher's meeting by 1:30. That would give us an hour for lunch and stops along the way. We ate a light lunch since there is always lots of food at these meetings.
Tomato Basil soup with 1/2 Four Cheese Grilled Cheese from Applebees

We love our Brothers and Sisters there in West Virginia and always enjoy the fellowship!  We left there a bit past 8:00 pm and were home by 11, I believe.  Not a bad trip at all.

Here's the photo I wanted to post last night, but forgot I didn't have the adapter with me for the microSD card in my phone.
Tim and his mom, Jeanne

More tomorrow!

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