Saturday, January 10, 2015

Home Again, Home Again.....

What a great week I had being with Jessica and her precious family.  Thanks so much for inviting me, Jessica!  I asked Tim how his week was.  He said it was good, but quiet and boring.  I told him it definitely wasn't boring where I was!  :D

Terry helped me pack up the car.  He and Michael had scraped the snow off of my car earlier in the week.  It was 0 degrees when I left there, according to the reading the car gave.  By the time I reached Ravenswood, WV it was 23 degrees and kept getting warmer as I traveled south.

I was going to wait til I got to Wytheville, VA to eat lunch, but I hadn't eaten breakfast before I left the house at almost 10 a.m., so I decided to stop in Fairplains, WV, not too far from Ravenswood, for McDonalds.  What I wanted mostly was a large sweet tea!  :D  That was around noon.

By the time I got to Wytheville at around 2:30, the temperature was 32 degrees.  I paid $1.95/gal for gas!

I arrived home at 4 p.m.  Tim helped me unload the car and then asked if I was ready to eat, LOL!  He wanted to go to Macaroni Grill to try their pork chop that I raved about the last time we ate there with his sister and mom.

I have the sweetest man on earth!  Tim, knowing I would have lots to do when I got home, did his own laundry and cleaned his bathroom and washed his towels.  No dirty dishes laying around, either!  :D  You may THINK you have the greatest husband on earth, but I beg to differ!  :D

Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

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