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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Day!

I heard Michael get up and leave this morning and I just assumed he was going to school.  Jessica never woke the boys up for preschool, so I assumed there was pretty much snow outside because she told them at the preschool yesterday that if it snowed they way the forecast predicted, she would not be bringing them to school.  As it turned out, they called her at around 5 a.m. to let her know school was going to be closed today.  And Michael didn't go to school, but went next door to babysit because there was no school.

I woke up with a sore throat today, so I took some tylenol and just laid in bed til everyone else got up.  I'm guessing that was around 9 a.m.  Jessica fixed bacon and pancakes for breakfast for all of us today, which we didn't eat until 10 a.m.  YUM!

Jessica added chocolate chips to some of the pancakes!  YUM!
 I cleaned up the kitchen while Jessica fed the baby.  A couple of the neighbor kids came over to play with the boys.  After they left, Jessica dressed the boys up to take them outside to play in the snow.  They also cleaned off the driveway for Terry.  I stayed inside with the baby.  It was a tough job (she slept the whole time) but someone had to do it!  :D
Thad and mommy cleaning the 4-5" of snow off the driveway for daddy.

My job:  watching Araya sleep!  :D
After Jessica and the boys came back in, we settled in to play some more games.  Jessica fixed a wonderful chicken and potato casserole for dinner and a lemon dessert.  YUM!  More games, stitching up some toys and pillows, more games and now to bed!  Nite!