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Saturday, January 17, 2015


Messinesssssss in my craft room
Welcome to my mess!  This room has been a disaster since before Christmas!  While I was working on crocheting gifts, the bags of yarn just kept collecting!  Then, while changing things around in the dining/living room before the kids came for Christmas, MORE stuff came in here!  I have a BAD habit of not putting stuff back where it belongs until I get around to it!  Eventually I can't stand the clutter any longer as it hampers my creativity and I don't feel like I can get anything accomplished.....that's when I take action!  It is dumb, I know, because it takes me ALL DAY LONG to clean it up!

Much better!  But, I still have waaaaay too much stuff!  :D
Now to straighten the other half of the room that you cannot desk!  :D

So, last night I broke the diet!  Need I say more?!  :D

And tonight!  Weekends are not good for dieting, are they?

I wanted to show you one of the gifts my mother-in-law got for me for Christmas.  I found it buried in the clutter in my room!  I plan on waiting until spring to set this up.  Won't it be so cute?  I love fairies!  Thanks, Jeanne!

Headache update.......I work up with a slight headache today, but after I got up and moving around and blowing all of the sludge out of my head, the headache went away!  I don't even remember a twinge of it hanging around!  Thank the Lord!

Have a great weekend!  Nite!