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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sewing Project

Took the boys to school today, ran some more errands, picked the boys back up and came back to the house where we stayed in the rest of the day!  BITTER cold out!  Tomorrow has a forecast of -25 degrees wind chill factor with a temp of 0!  Not gonna be much better at home in NC.....gonna be 9 degrees!  I don't know about wind, however!

One of the missions to accomplish this afternoon was to get Jessica sewing on her machine.  She chose a cute little tooth pillow owl for her first project.  She got some fat quarters while we were out earlier.  The pattern needed to be enlarged, so she drew one by hand on printer paper.  Turned out to be very cute!

Jessica at work on her sewing machine.

The cute little owl tooth pillow project she completed.
Araya was out of sorts today.  Lots of poopy diapers, not much sleep and just generally fussy.  Hope she is not coming down with something!

Church was canceled for tonight as well as school being canceled for tomorrow due to the extreme temperatures and wind chill.  Michael went to his dad's for the rest of the week, but he is going to come here during the day since he doesn't have school. The boys have day care all day tomorrow, but since it is going to be so cold, Jessica plans to keep them here.  So we will all probably play games.  The week is flying by!



Kimberly Pitman said...

Great job, Jessica!

Glad you are having a great visit, Vicky. This weather is something else again but considering the fairly nice December we had I guess we cannot complain too much.