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Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Beautiful Lord's Day

The temperature got up to around 55 degrees today with the sun shining brightly!  There were still a few clouds hanging around, but long sleeves or a light jacket is all that was needed!

I'm thinking it is about time to cut that crazy tree down!
Are you ready?  Stop squinting!  :D

Let's stand in the shade

I stepped outside to get a picture of the sunny day and Tim was walking across the parking lot from the church to the house.  So, I grabbed him for a quick photo.

Hannah and Ryan don't have school for the next 3 days, so they are coming here tomorrow with Abby and mommy.  Elisabeth is going to do some shopping at Mega Thrift and leave the kids with me.  Then, they will be spending a couple of nights with me.  :D  So, I may or may not be posting for a couple of days!