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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Feeling Better, Yes, He Is!

Tim did not go to church tonight.  He has been coughing a lot.  Last night before he went to sleep, he coughed.  Had to get up for a handkerchief to blow his nose.  Finally he fell asleep and the coughing stopped.  His voice sounded a little better today, but I'm sure after coughing today that his throat is probably sore.  He has an eye doctor appointment tomorrow to see how the uveitus is coming along.  It must be better because he doesn't even mention seeing spots anymore.  He is still doing the eye drops once a day.

I didn't do much today.  I worked on the lesson for the ladies' meeting planned for February 27th.  That took a lot of time.  Then I did a scrapbook page for a challenge at the Digi Chick.  Elisabeth posted this picture of Abby a couple of days ago and I told her then that she could expect to see it in a scrapbook page.  So, here it is, Lizzie!  :D

Kit - Scrap Addict Collection by Kimeric Kreations at Digi Chick
Abby is so cute and feisty!  And she probably gets by with more stuff than she should because of that cute feistiness!  Sometimes I have to turn my head to keep from laughing out loud at her!  :D

I'm working on a Florida journal and have decided I'm going to use one I found at Goodwill last year sometime.  It costs $14.99 at Amazon and I got it for $2.00!  BRAND NEW!!  LOVE it when I find a great deal like that!

So, what I'm going to do is "embellish" the journal.  You see the tabs sticking out the right side of it?  I added those by taking manilla alphabetical A-Z filing cards, 5x8".  I cut them down to size, punched the holes and cut up to the hole so the cards would wrap around the binding of the notebook.

I made a tab for each day of the week and had enough blank pages (kraft paper-type pages) to have 10 pages per day.  I'm sure I won't need that many, but I might!  :D  On the right hand side I ripped a piece of  5x5" scrap paper to fit the 4 1/2" wide x 6 3/4" tall page.  I will use this for some journaling.  I'll be adding other tags, ribbons, paperclips, pictures, etc, too.

On the next page, I took the scrap that I ripped off of the 5x5 sheet of scrapbook paper and made it into a little pocket.  It won't hold much, but it will be a way to attached some little trinket AND I can use it for journaling, too!  :D

Here's another little pocket-keeper that is handmade from a piece of scrapbook paper.  I want to incorporate it into this journal, too!  So, I hope this gives you an idea of what the journal might look like eventually!  :D

Well, that's it for me tonight!  Sweet dreams!