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Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Prayer Journal and other stuff

I took Hannah, Ryan and Abby back home Wednesday (met Liz half way), rushed back home so I could go with Tim for his doctor appointment, busied myself straightening the house back up, got ready for church and totally forgot to post anything on the blog here!

Then, there was Thursday.  You know that is Tim's day off, so we went to the thrift stores, ate lunch at a new place over past the mall called, Newk's Eatery.  It was a little pricey, but the food was really good!  Tim and I both got Newk's "Q" which was "our signature white BBQ sauce, freshly grilled chicken, Applewood smoked bacon and Swiss cheese."  It was really good!  We also had a side of  mac and cheese.  Mine had buffalo chicken in it, which was good.  When we got home, I did nothing but play with digital scrapbooking and forgot about making my blog post again!

Tim's mom sent me a note this morning wondering what had happened to my blog posts and wondered if I was sick.  I told her I had just forgotten and promised I would post tonight!  :D

I mentioned playing in digital scrapbooking again.  So, I am on two CT's (Creative Teams) which means I "work" for two digital designers of scrapbooking kits.  My "work" is getting a kit of theirs, for free, and creating scrapbook pages with them and post the pages around the internet at different scrapbooking sites.  One of the ladies I do "work" for is Cindy Ritter Designs at Plain Digital Wrapper.  The other is Lori Imel Designs at Scrappy Bee.  I "met" both of these ladies when I was at Digitals and in my own designing venture.

Lori created a Prayer Journal, so I got it from her to make one of my own.  I didn't follow her instructions exactly because I improvised on the supplies I used compared to how she made hers.  Here is how I made it:

This is the cover.  I used a DIY scrapbook-making kit that I have had for years and years!  I tried to sell it at the yard sale last summer but now I'm glad I didn't.  My Journal is basically a 6"x6" journal, so I had to trim the cardboard down a bit.  I bought a pack of 6"x6" paper at Walmart for $3 and used Lori's files to print on the papers.  After I cut down the cardboard cover, I sprayed adhesive to them and covered them with the paper.

Measuring of cardboard for trimming to size of paper.

Inside front and back covers
 Next, I used Lori's files to print on more of the paper for the divisions in the journal:  Praises, Prayer Requests Personal, Prayer Requests Family, Prayer Requests Others, and Journal/Notes.  I took 2 sheets and glued them together back to back so they would be stiffer.
Printed pages for journal section dividers

Glued back to back and then cut 1/2" off to create tabs.
 Lori has a file to print out lined pages, but I had a spiral bound notebook that I trimmed to size.
Trimming the notebook paper
 Then I punched holes in the notebook paper, dividers and covers.  I divided the paper evenly and put the journal together.  It looks great!  The only thing I need to buy are the rings to go through the holes to hold it together!  Voila!
All I need are the rings to hold all the pages together!  Beautiful!

OK, that's it for tonight!  Tomorrow, if I don't forget, I'll share some scrapbooking pages I have made the last couple of days.