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Monday, January 19, 2015

Spring Fever!

WHAT a BEAUTIFUL day we had today!  Had to have been 55 degrees, at least!  It is supposed to be 60 or so tomorrow!  Sure makes me wish for Spring!

Liz and the kids got here around10:30.  They were here when I got back from getting some (spoiling) groceries and making the bank deposit!  :D

We put the groceries away and started working on lunch, which was pizza.

Abby was making goofy faces

Her sweet face

While the pizza was cooking, we mixed the cake mix for the new Huge cup cake pan I bot at AC Moore the other day.

Ta Da!  With sprinkles!
After lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen while Liz went to Mega Thrift and the kids played.  Then we went to the park for about an hour.  Liz was done at Mega Thrift, so she met us over there.  It wasn't as crowded as I expected it to be since the kids are off school today.
Everyone swinging

Didn't realize I caught Ryan jumping out of the swing!

Hannah getting ready to launch!

By the time we got home, Liz was ready to eat dinner, so I started working on the pork BBQ and fries.  We ate and she left for home.  The kids and I went outside to play.  Then we gathered the empty pine cones that were hanging in the tree, put more peanut butter and bird seed on them and hung them back in the tree.

Games, movies, baths and bed time!