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Monday, May 8, 2017

Did You Sign Up for This?

I am so glad this day is over!  And I am so thankful for every prayer the Lord answered today and those that still await being answered as Tim's brain heals.  Our God is an AWESOME God!  He has answered our prayers (including yours) in amazing ways!  We are so blessed!

Surgery was to begin at 8:45, however it actually didn't get started until around 11:00, I believe. The surgery lasted about 2 1/2 hours and by 5:00 he was in the neurological ICU.  Everyone of us who were here holding vigil during the surgery were allowed to visit him in the ICU.  He knew all of us and knew our relationship to him.  He knew his address.  Then, he spotted the nurse standing off to the side behind us and he said, "And, who is this little person?" as he pointed to her.  We all, including the nurse, thought that was funny, especially in his slightly slurred speech.  He was very chatty and felt it was very necessary to explain everything he was feeling or thought about his surgery and what had happened today.  He talked about every random thing that crossed his mind.  He kept repeating that if they would just give him something to drink he could talk more because he was very dry and thirsty.

He was sure that the surgery had robbed him of every being himself again.  He asked if he was still a pastor (I think he must have been thinking about having to give up pastoring because of this).  He said they took away a big part of his brain.  We explained to him that they did not take any of his brain away, only a tumor.  He asked us if we were satisfied (with the outcome of the surgery).  We reassured him that we were completely satisfied!  I wish I had thought to record this painful (to us) conversation.  Painful in that he acted as if this surgery was going to change him and how we felt about him.

He still has the double vision right now.  I sure hope that disappears as the swelling lessens.

God is so good!
God is so good!
God is so good, He's so good to me!

He answers prayer!
He answers prayer!
He answers prayer, He's so good to me!

Thanking you ALL, once again, for being such prayer warriors on our behalf!

He was talking to someone about something as they walked him over to get the surgery.

Four of the Five "vigil"antes.  Brad didn't want to be included in this photo.  Brad took the day off to come and sit vigil with us.  What a guy!

Boy, do I love this guy!

Headed to the surgical area.

Getting ready.

I'm thankful for all of the electronics we had to keep everyone up to date on everything today!

First meal.....blueberry yogurt.

I was really surprise they did not shave his head entirely on the right side.

The girls and I went to supper at Chili's.  Then Liz went home and Jessica and I headed back to the hospital.
   I'm exhausted!  Going to bed!


Cheryl Pugh said...

Vicky, I am so happy for you and your family. You all are and has been in our prayers both at the church and here at home
Love you all!!
Cheryl Pugh