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Friday, May 12, 2017

When it Rains

I woke up on Thursday with a horrendous headache and chest congestion and coughing.  YUCK!  And, as I feared, Tim woke up with it today.  He hasn't been coughing too much, but he's got it!  I sent a note to his doctor to see if he would need an antibiotic just to be safe after having had major surgery.  I sent it too late in the day and did not hear back from him, so I hope he does alright with it this weekend.  When it rains, it pours sometimes!

The physical therapist came to the house today to evaluate Tim on what physical therapy he might need.  The result:  he didn't feel Tim needed PT and that he should just keep doing what he is doing to build his strength back up.  Yesterday he walked around the house several times.  And, using a rolling walker, walked to the church and back a couple of times.  Thank You, Lord!

He took a shower today using a shower seat.  He washed his head to get some of the crusted blood out of his hair.  He shaved, etc. and felt like a new man!

He had his mind set to preach on Sunday, but I talked him out of it.  I told him there was no rush to get back in the pulpit because Calvin and Bobby are covering for him and doing a great job!  He said he would trust me to let him know when he was ready.  So, I will be praying for wisdom.  I told him maybe he could work on his Wednesday lesson and use a chair to sit in while he taught instead of standing for the whole 40 minutes.  We will see how the preparation goes.  He may still not be ready.  He is having problems navigating the buttons on his iPad, which is what he uses for his lessons and sermons.  He said he could just print out his notes and flip through them like he used to do.

His main problem is the double vision.  It affects his balance and working his technical items.  He can button his shirt, even though it is usually not button correctly.  He has not tried buttoning his pants yet.  He has been wearing lounge pants because it is easier at this point.

When he prays, he prays for God to heal him, and that always brings him to tears.  After he finished praying today he said, I hope I don't always do that.  I told him crying was not a sign of weakness.  I guess that is hard for a man to realize.  I think it shows his heart and that he is really afraid that he won't be able to preach any more.  Just like one of the first questions he asked after surgery, "Am I still a pastor?"

Lord, please give Tim peace to accept what You have for him in the future.  Peace that passes all understanding!