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Monday, May 1, 2017

I Want My Husband Back!

The last several days have been a challenge.  Not only for Tim, but my stomach issues flared up this weekend.  Friday evening I went to bed at 7:15 with nausea.  Just kept on swallowing.  I hate to vomit!  I do everything in my power to not vomit!  I'm miserable during the process, however!  But, finally around 10:00 I fell asleep.  I felt better in the morning, but still iffy.  I only ate a hamburger all day on Saturday.  Sunday, I was still nauseous and only ate a small potato and a bite of carrot from the roast I had fixed for lunch.  Then, through the day I began to feel better.  I ate a BBQ sandwich and some fries for supper.  Today I seem to be almost back to normal.  Thank You, LORD!

Tim's problems continue to worsen, it seems.  He cannot eat anything correctly with his left hand.  The utensil ends up going upside down, yet he doesn't notice.  There were a couple of times at supper tonight when he dropped his fork, yet made the move to shove it into the food anyway, until he realized it was on the table and he picked it.  When he eats a sandwich he is constantly putting it all back together after he drops it.  I know it must be so frustrating for him.  I've noticed his walking is becoming more and more unsteady.  And he spilled one of his cancer meds in the floor and bent over to pick them up and ended up falling in the floor because he lost his balance.  Last night he was up and down all night, restless.  And, there are other things.  Oh, LORD!  Please!  Heal his brain!  I REALLY, really want my husband back!

Here are a few pictures over the last several days.

The pills Tim takes at night.

Down the hatch!
One of the last suet cakes had a malfunction!  I'm thinking a too-heavy bird  got on it and broke it.
We went to Ryan's soccer game on Saturday.  I love that they begin the game with prayer!

Ryan is #5.

Ryan made one goal.....the one that counted.....the winning goal!  The game was tied up with just a few seconds to go.  Ryan was awarded a free kick down by his goal.  The kick was good!!!  WOOHOO!!  Way to go, Ryan!
It was pretty hot while we were there.  Mom put Hanna's hair up in a French braid which helped!

Abby was being silly.

After the game, Brad and Liz treated us to lunch at Applebees.  That's where I had my one meal for the day.

This week's sign.
A note Tim made on the message board.  The "refill" was not too bad, but by the time he tried "steroid" it was pretty bad.  He has tried writing with his right hand, but cannot.

Here is a craft project I finally got done.  These 3 canvases are made to hang together or separately.
OK.  I think I'm caught up!  Someone has dropped the ball at the doctor's office and has never contacted Tim with a new MRI schedule.  I told him he needs to contact the doctor tomorrow because he is getting worse!  He needs to have corrective measures done SOON!!


jeday0323 said...

I hate hearing how bad Tim is right now. I know it is so hard on you both. I pray Tim gets that MRI scheduled immediately!

kathy rn said...

Extra prayers for you tonight and continuing. Sending love and hugs from Cincy!❤��