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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Twas the Night Before Surgery

Twas the night before surgery
And all through the land
God's people were  praying,
Some hand in hand.

The prayers were sent heavenward
To our Great Savior there,
Having Only Positive Expectations
He would answer their prayer.

Their prayer of great faith
For one who is sick.
Was asking the Lord
To please heal him quick!

His wife and his children
Don't want to give him up yet.
Please show us, Dear Lord
The answer we'll get.

They are trying not to quake
With fear or with worry.
Bless them, Dear Lord
Answer quickly, please hurry!

If it be Thy will, Lord
Please grant our petition.
Heal his brain and his body
As the True and Great Physician.

He has suffered a while
But never complains
About the disease that he has
Tim Day is his name.

But if healing is not in
Accordance to Your will
Thank You for each blessing,
We will only love You still!

Tim developed diarrhea and double vision today, so the doctor ordered a CT of his brain.  However, there was no change from the one done on Wednesday in the ER, praise the Lord!

Our girls came from Carroll, OH and Salisbury, NC to be with me tomorrow through the surgery.  I was going to spend the night with them at the house, but decided to stay here with Tim through the night to help him in whatever way he needed me.

I will be so glad when this surgery is over!  The wait is beginning to get to me, especially as more and more problems crop up!  Lord, please heal Tim's body!  Thy will be done!

We had a beautiful sunrise over Winston Salem this morning!

Cafeteria style breakfast.  It was pretty good!
I will keep posting updates tomorrow as I get them regarding Tim's surgery, which is scheduled to begin at 8:45!  Keep praying!

Vicky and Tim