Friday, May 5, 2017

God is so Good!


Every time I hear or think of that song, I think about a man who sang that song frequently as a special  at Buffalo Baptist when we ministered there between 1997 and 2008. I don't remember the exact year Bob Huff showed up at the church, but he quickly became a staunch supporter of Tim. He let everyone know that he was Tim's right-hand man. Everyone loved good, old Bob!

Bob's body was laid to rest today, but I am confident that he is singing his praise song in person to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as we speak! Bob may have had a learning disability, but he knew Who his Savior was!  He went to another church in town before the Lord brought Bob to us. He was talking to Tim one day and told him that he was saved in a Baptist church and he needed to be a Baptist, Amen! He was still there till the day the Lord took him to his heavenly home. And I'm sure he was still the pastor's right hand man! A simple man with a simple faith. All who knew him counted him a friend. He will be missed, especially at the Buffalo Baptist church.

And, yes! God is still so good! Many prayers have been answered today! We had the pre-op appointment today. We told the doctor all that has been going on with Tim this week. I asked, "would dehydration keep Tim from having surgery on Monday?" He said absolutely, but if Tim didn't get better, I could bring him back for fluids before Monday. I said, "actually, we were hoping we could get you to go ahead and admit him to get him back in shape for Monday!" He said, "absolutely, if you are ok with that!" Tim was ready! Thank You, Lord! We had to wait around for a couple of hours, but at least Tim will be ready for surgery on Monday!

After the on call doctor went over his plan of attack, I went home to get Tim's pajamas, toiletries and pillow. And the same for me as I am staying here with him.

When I left for home Tim was sleeping. When I got back he woke up. IV fluids were started and tummy meds were given so he could take his cancer meds and hopefully keep them down! But he had not been given anything for the headache yet. I gave him some Tylenol only to learn later that it was included in the treatment plan. Also, morphine is part of the plan for headache relief and rest, but we found out it isn't automatic. He can have some every 4 hours, but he has to ask for it. I am happy to report that he has probably had more sleep at one time today than all week! Praise the Lord!

I am so happy! Lori saw me come home and said, "Vicky could probably use a hug," so she came over while I was packing the suitcase. I gladly accepted the hug but told her I was actually ok because Tim was admitted and would be able to get better now! I was so distressed through the week because I couldn't fix Tim's problems. It's a mother thing all mothers are aware of.

Thank you all, again, for the prayers! May God bless you!

I wanted to add some photos but can't figure out how to get them off the iPad to the blog, so I gave up! I had a nice picture of Tim receiving get well flowers from our son, Michael and family. Then the nurse took the flowers away and left only the Mylar balloon. She said flowers are not allowed in the cancer patients' rooms. Weird!

His head was killing him at the pre-op appointment.

Waiting in the lobby of Admissions for a room.

He even slept a bit.....snoring and all!  I was glad!

He was surrounded with puking aids when I left to pack a suitcase.  When I got back, the fluids had begun!

The beautiful flowers Michael and family sent.  Too bad the only thing that could stay in the room was the mylar balloon.

My little corner for sleeping.  The big lump is a quilt I brought from home to give me more padding on their rock solid "beds."

Our view, storm clouds and all.

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