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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Overwhelmed by Your Love

Tim and I just want to say THANK YOU to all of the prayer warriors who continue to pray with us and take part in this journey that we are on.  Was it a journey we chose?  No!  Was it a journey you chose to ride along?  Yes!  Every time you offer up a prayer on Tim's behalf, YOU choose to ride along!  You will never know how much that means to us!  We may never know the benefit we have received from those prayers!

It is overwhelming to think how far and wide across this planet of ours those prayers come from.  Every day making their journey to heaven's ear!  And from lots of people we do not know and have never met!  Our God is Awesome in giving us this family of sisters and brother in Christ to share our burdens with!  I don't know how people outside of Christ make it during HARD trials!  I don't want to know!  I don't have to know!  How could I go back to a Christ-less life?  I couldn't!

Tim continues with the terrific headache and the nausea.  He is not able to eat.  He was able to keep all of his meds down this morning, however!  And the Tylenol eased his headache some.  But, the headache came back in all it's glory this afternoon and the Tylenol did not help and he threw up.  We have a pre-op assessment tomorrow.  I am praying they can give us something stronger to ease the headache and the nausea so that he can keep the steroid down that he is supposed to be taking to relieve some of the swelling and inflammation in his brain.  Actually, I am kind of hoping they will hospitalize him so they can get him strong and hydrated for the surgery on Monday.  That would ease my worry a hundred fold!

But, even as badly as he is feeling, he was able to give me a weak smile.

During all of his cancer journey, this Lazy Boy has been his go-to place.  We bought it in 1997 when we moved from Cincinnati to Buffalo, WV.  It has seen better days.  When he lays it all the way back, the left side is lower than the right side.  He probably spends more time in this chair than he does in the bed, mainly so he doesn't disturb me with his tossing and turning at night.  Just another example of his selfless love for me.  Thank You, LORD, for this man You put in my life!  Thank You, LORD, for the many, many Christians across the globe who are praying for Tim!  Even if You choose not to answer their prayers, Your will be done!  We have been blessed and are blessed daily!


Judith said...

Please give Tim a huge hug from me! Prayers for you both as well as the rest of the family and those who are caring for Tim. Hugs to you, V!! You are loved.

Vicky said...

Thanks so much, J! <3

jeday0323 said...

You two are witnessing so much more than you even know. Not only are your kids and grandkids watching, but so is everyone who loves you. We see you both going through terrible times and just loving God through it all. Life is real. It's messy. And we are guaranteed troubled times. But through it all, you are showing/living the simple fact that God is good. All the time. And all the time, God is good. You are shining God's mercy, grace, and love - all we see is Him.

Two pretty drawings/cards went out in your direction today from your Kara Beara. :-)