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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Surgery it Is!

Well, I made the phone call today.  The problem causing the MRI to not be rescheduled is that Tim needs sedation.  They only do sedation with an MRI in another building besides the hospital.  EXCEPT for the emergency room!  When I called and explained what was going on with Tim, the doctor suggested I take him to the ER.  I didn't figure Tim would want to do that, however, when I told him he said he was willing to do the MRI without sedation if they could do it today!  That tells you how badly he really is feeling, even though he never complains about it.

And, we were blessed, because we went right back to the ER without having to wait hours in the waiting room!  AND, Tim got his sedation for the MRI!  Thank you, Lord!

He threw up this morning before we left for the hospital and he threw up several times while there.  I hope he doesn't have to suffer through a lot of that before the problem can be taken care of.

The spot of bleeding had increased significantly.  And then I learned that the spot is actually not just blood, but a melanoma "mass."  I read on Tim's MRI results that it is 3.5 x 3 cm in size.  I didn't understand much of anything else that was said.  So, the problems he has been having are a result of the tumor growing bigger, plus the bleeding causing irritation to the motor control center causing that to swell.  All of these factors in the confined space of his brain, having no where else to go, is disrupting the control of the left side of his body.  I think that is the basic idea of what is happening.

Since the melanoma is getting bigger, instead of just drilling a hole in his skull and inserting a needle to cold cauterize the bleeding spot, the radiology oncologist and neurosurgeon thought it would be better to cut the tumor out.  This does not go without risk.  He could become very weak on his left side, or worse.  I'm trusting the Lord that the surgery is going to be better than a successful surgery and will bring our Tim back to us!  And I know all of you are praying to this end, too!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!

Waiting for his port to be accessed.

Taking him to get the MRI.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Lord, I beg you to guide the surgeon's hands during the surgery, that the melanoma will be taken care of and that Tim will be back to normal soon!  Thy will be done, O Lord!


Anonymous said...

Vicky, our youth group at Bethel prayed specifically for you,Tim, and family last night. Praying for a successful surgery with NO side affects and for comoletely healing. Love, hugs, n prayers to you all. Have FAITH n TRUST in the God who is the GREAT PHYSICIAN!!!!